Thief in law Lavasogly Batumsky sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment in Georgia

Thief in law Lavasogly Batumsky sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment in Georgia
Mindiya Goradze (Lavasoglu Batusmky)

However, the thief, who is currently dividing the spheres of influence in Ukraine’s Odessa region with Antimoz Kukhilava through his representatives, has been sentenced in absentia. Mindiya Goradze is not in Georgia at the moment.

The Kutaisi City Court found the thief in law Mindiya Goradze known in the criminal world as Lavasoglu Batumsky guilty of the affiliation with the thieves' world, the organization of extortion by a group of persons, and the obstruction of journalistic activity by the threat of violence, Ekho Kavkaza reports.

The Kutaisi City Court elected a 12-year imprisonment as punishment for Mindiya Goradze. According to the Georgian Prosecutor's Office, the Court fully accepted the evidence provided by the prosecution on part of Art. 2231, subparagraph ‘a’ of part 2 of Art. 25-181, and part 2 of Art. 154 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

According to the Court, in 2013, Mindiya Goradze was recognized as a thief in law according to the rules established in the thieves' world. Then, in accordance with the underground laws, he controlled a group of people to commit crimes and, through intimidation and showdowns, organized the extortion of money from different persons, as well as collected and distributed the thieves’ common fund. In addition, the indictment says that Lavasoglu Batumsky would solve disputes between production entities and individuals “for the benefit of the thieves' world.”

According to the case file, in 2014-2015, Mindiya Goradze gave instructions to crime lords in Georgia and took decisions on the replenishment and distribution of the collected common fund.

As for the charges related to hindering journalistic activity, they concern a telephone call from Mindiya Goradze on February 24, 2015 to the author and host of the TV program Drugie Aktsenty (‘Other Accents’) of the Rustavi 2 channel. After calling the latter, Lavasoglu Batumsky expressed his dissatisfaction with the television plot of February 14, 2015 dedicated to his activity, and threatened to use violence against the TV host if he continued spreading such information about him.

Georgian MIA charged Mindiya Goradze in absentia July 18. It was reported that the evidence against him had been collected using secret wiretapping.

Members of a thieves’ mob summit, including a Lavasoglu Batumsky representative, Koba, were detained in Odessa the day before. According to Ukrainian media, Mindiya Goradze’s envoy has attempted to agree with representatives of the thief in law Antimoz Kukhilava (aka Antik) on the joint control over the south of the Odessa region, which is currently controlled by crime lord Oleg Popesku aka Oleg Reniysky.



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