Thief in law Lasha Shushanashvili to be defended by ex-Speaker of Greek Parliament 

Thief in law Lasha Shushanashvili to be defended by ex-Speaker of Greek Parliament
Zoe Konstantopoulou

An influential person in the Greek political scene has joined the team of lawyers of the so-called ‘Boss of Georgian mafia in Europe’. Zoe Konstantopoulou, leftist politician and the leader of the Political Movement Course to Freedom, specializes in international law and human rights.

Thief in law Lasha Shushanashvili aka Lasha Rustavsky, who had been arrested on charges of leading a crime community in Greece, has hired famous Greek lawyer and leftist politician Zoe Konstantopoulou as lawyer, The Fact reports.

It is reported that Zoe Konstantopoulou will represent the interests of Shushanashvili and two other Georgian thieves in law, Nodar Shukakidze (Nodo Gldansky) and Merab Asanidze (Chikora) in the Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki, which will consider the request of the French authorities for their extradition next week.


Member of the Greek Parliament since 2012 and former Speaker Zoe Konstantopoulou is the ideologist, creator and leader of the Greek left-populist party Course to Freedom. In 2015, at age 39, she became the youngest head of the Greek Parliament in the country's history, having won a record 235 votes out of 300. As a practicing lawyer, she currently specializes in international law and human rights.


The name Zoe Konstantopoulou was announced in the Judicial Council in relation to the Shushanashvili case at the beginning of the week. Nevertheless, neither she nor the other two lawyers of the defendants appeared at the meeting that was to take place this week, due to which hearings in the case of the Georgian thieves were postponed for the fourth time upon the defense motion.


Lasha Shushanashvili and Merab Asanidze have been brought to the court of Thessaloniki


To recall, the meeting of the Court of Appeal scheduled for May 14 was also canceled, as the lawyers of 57-year-old Shushanashvili claimed replacement of the judges, accusing the chief of the court of bias. Before that, April 24 and May 2, the court hearings fell through due to the sudden deterioration of Shushanashvili's health – a few years ago, he suffered a stroke; moreover, according to medical documents, he suffers from a number of other diseases. The first time Lasha Rustavsky was hospitalized from the courtroom, and the second, he was sent to the hospital from prison with complaints of heart problems even before the hearing.

The influential thief in law was arrested in Thessaloniki on April 16 at the request of Interpol and the French authorities as a result of a joint operation of the Greek and French police, during which more than 40 people from Georgia were detained. Shushanashvili and other thieves are accused of leading a crime community and money laundering, and the rest are charged with dozens of burglaries and other crimes committed throughout Europe.



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