Thief in law Lasha Rustavsky hospitalized from court room 

Thief in law Lasha Rustavsky hospitalized from court room
The hospitalization of Lasha Rustavsky

Leader of the Greek clan is accused of creating an organized crime community (OCC), which operated in Europe.

Thief in law Lasha Shushanshvili (Lasha Rustavsky) complained of a sharp deterioration of health during the trial in Greece. According to local media, the thief was hit after learning that the Thessaloniki Court of Appeals was not going to interrupt the hearing of his case. He was urgently taken to a hospital right from the courtroom.

The defense demanded to postpone the meeting on the grounds that the key witness – the former head of the Spanish Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime, who called Shushanashvili the leader of the OCC – failed to appear in court. However, the court decided that his testimony could be simply read out, and rejected the request to postpone the trial.

The trial was resumed in 2012, after Shushanashvili was convicted of the creation of a mafia organization, acting (apart from Greece) in France, Spain and Germany, and the members of which were engaged in robberies, theft, extortion, and murder.

To recall, last week, law enforcement agencies of two countries – Greece and France – arrested 40 crime lords led by the 57-year-old thief in law. In addition, thief in law Ramaz Gugunishvili (Sio) was arrested in French Montauban, and thieves Nodar Shukakidze (Nodo Gldansky) and Merab Asanidze (Chikora) in Athens. Wives of some of them were also arrested.

Lasha Rustavsky, sentenced to 14 years the same year, managed to get released after 2.5 years for health reasons. He was diagnosed with multitude of ills, including hypertension, hepatitis, vascular encephalopathy, and heart problems.

At the same time, despite the fact that France is interested in the current arrest of the thief, there is information that Greece is not ready to extradite Shushanashvili to this country. At least, the mob arrested on the basis of the Spanish warrant was not extradited there. The same year, 2012, the Greek court refused to deliver Shushanashvili to Georgia, where he comes from.

According to some Greek publications, the cost of such a condescending attitude of some representatives of the Greek authorities is 800 thousand euros.

It became known that some of Lasha’s people detained during the operation of April 16-17 have already been released.

The trial against Shushanashvili will continue on May 2.

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