Thief in law Kutsu detained in Ukraine 

Thief in law Kutsu detained in Ukraine

The National Police of Ukraine “kindly asked” the thief to leave the country.

Kyiv National Police have detained thief in law Georgy Lobdzhanidze, better known as Kutsu. Head of the Police, Vyacheslav Abroskin, wrote this in his Facebook account. 

According to him, the thief in law was “kindly asked” to leave Ukraine within two days. Abroskin stresses that it is not the first time that Kutsu has been detained in Kyiv and expelled from the country, but he somehow returns to Kyiv every single time. 

The National Police Head recalled that according to the current legislation, a protocol has been drawn up against the thief in law. 

“In any other EU country, he would have already been running like somebody lit a fire in his whiteys, but we are only asking him for now... I hope he has heard us,” Abroskin wrote. 

Lobdzhanidze was detained in Kyiv in 2016. Back then, he was also released and recommended to leave Ukraine. 

Some sources say that Kutsu had planned to arrange a mob summit in Dnipro, but it fell through. Other crime lords were detained along with him, including Mozg, Gesha, Siversky, and others. It is reported that Kutsu is one of the most influential thieves in law permanently residing in Ukraine.



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