Thief in law Kolya Kirgiz’s Dubai property detected 

Thief in law Kolya Kirgiz’s Dubai property detected
Kamchy Kolbayev (Kolya Kirgiz)

His house is located in the upscale district of Dubai Marina.

The investigation published by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and Transparency International also tells about the home of notorious crime boss Kamchibek Kolbayev (Kolya Kirgiz).

According to its results, he lives in the upscale district of Dubai Marina, in which the average cost of an apartment is about half a million dollars.

Дубай Марина

Dubai Marina

This district began to be created in the early 2000s around a man-made bay in the west of the city. It is a set of fashionable skyscrapers on the coast with a beach and a yacht harbor, which is supposed to be made the largest in the world.

Dubai Marina borders with villa community Knowledge Village and the famous artificial island of Palm Jumeirah.

Пальма Джумейра

Palm Jumeirah

Incidentally, an apartment of Ruben Tatulian, influential businessman, included by the United States in criminal organization Brother's Circle just like Kolbayev, is also in Dubai Marina. His home, located in housing complex Trident Grand Residence, is listed in the files of the Latvian Anti-Money Laundering Service.

The fact that Kolya Kirgiz lived for some time in the UAE have long been known. Thus, in 2011 he was detained in Abu Dhabi. He was suspected of robbing a jewelry boutique. Several of his associates were arrested along with him. However, the crime boss himself was soon released.

In 2012, the UAE authorities extradited him to his homeland in Kyrgyzstan, where he turned himself into special services upon arrival and was immediately arrested on charges of kidnapping, robbery, the creation of a criminal community and other crimes. Subsequently, during the trial, witnesses and victims began to recant the testimonies given previously against him. In October 2013, a court sentenced Kolbaev to five years and six months of imprisonment in a strict regime colony with confiscation of property. The second instance softened the sentence to three years’ incarnation. The Supreme Court of the republic upheld this decision, on which the crime lord received three years behind bars.

Виды из жилого комплекса Trident Grand Residence

Views from Trident Grand Residence

Among the property owners in the UAE, there is also Vladlen Stepanov, featured in Magnitsky’s list, businessman Vadim Lyalin (a friend of thief in law Vadik Bely) and thieves in law Vasily Khristoforov (Vasya Voskres) and Vladimir Vagin (Vagon). The latter is also under US sanctions because of alleged ties to international organized crime. Dubai property of the runaway ex-Head of NGO Kosmos, Andrey Chernyakov, and the son of Azerbaijani President Ilkham Aliyev, Geydar and his daughter Arzu was also revealed.

Coordinator of the series of OCCRP reports titled Dubai’s Golden Sands, Karina Shchedrovsky told the Kyrgyz branch of Radio Svoboda (Azattyk) that the database had data about another 12 citizens of Kyrgyzstan, whose names she did not specify. What is known is that three of them are also influential representatives of the underworld.

She added that the choice of the UAE as an investment for people, often accused of grave crimes, is due to local authorities’ loyalty to them. Dubai is an extremely convenient place for laundering illegal proceeds. According to Shchedrovsky, if someone wants to purchase property, no documents will be required, and no unnecessary questions will be asked.

Also, the United Arab Emirates keeps information about property owners secret. Nevertheless, OCCRP and Transparency International managed to obtain a private base, compiled by professional realtors. The list includes the names of well-known politicians, accused of financial crimes, and citizens that are members of organized criminal groups.

Upwards of 50 thousand addresses and property of 129 thousand citizens from 181 countries have been checked in a year.



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