Thief in law Hadzhi Beylagansky gets in female jail

Thief in law Hadzhi Beylagansky gets in female jail
Hadzhi Beylagansky

The regular killer of Rovshan Lenkoransky’s gang is suspected of murdering Ded Hasan’s "secretary".

Last weekend, the thief in law Hadzhibaba Talybkhanly (Hadzhi Beylagansky) was moved to Moscow’s pre-trial detention center No. 6 located on Shosseinaya Street, Pechatniki. Earlier, he had been in a temporary detention facility on Petrovka Street, according to Lenta.

The remand prison (SIZO) No. 6 became a female one in 1996. Some of the cells are equipped for women with children, there is even a playground. In 2000, garments started to be produced there. The jail also has its own printing house, a greenhouse, and a church.

At the same time, prisoners often refer to the "6th" as "SIZO 666" because of its harsh conditions.

The 36-year-old criminal was detained on May 31 by the Moscow Criminal Intelligence in the Bely Dom ("White House") restaurant. He is accused of murdering Ilgar Aliyev (aka Danabash), the mafioso businessman and Ded Hasan’s "secretary."

Besides, according to a Rosbalt source, the investigators have reason to believe that Talybkhanly also killed the chief guard of Usoyan, the deputy head of Andrei Selvyan’s Smersh Private Security Company. The total amount of homicides Lenkoransky’s gang is believed to be responsible for might be over a dozen.

He was seen in Moscow in April after a long break, and he was said to have come to win back his dominance from his archenemy, the thief in law Guli, who has been capturing the cash flows coming from vegetable market traders ever since he has been out of jail.



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