Thief in law Guli uniting with allies in Turkey to fight enemies 

Thief in law Guli uniting with allies in Turkey to fight enemies
Nadir Salifov (Guli)

There has been a hit recently prepared by Rovshan Lenkoransky's men against the influential thief in law, who is currently forming his own clan in Turkey after serving a long sentence. However, it has been averted by Turkish police. Now a response is being prepared against those who planned it, and their allies.

Thief in law Nadir Salifov, who has been released after serving a long sentence in Azerbaijan, intends to compete for the title of "the king of all thieves", Rosbalt reports. However, before this, the influential thief in law, the attempt on whom has been recently averted by Istanbul police, intends to deal with his enemies.

After the recent release from a colony, the most influential Azerbaijani thief in law moved to Turkey, where he began to form his own clan.

The agency, citing an informed source, notes that the first strike will be dealt to the clan of thief in law Merab Dzhangveladze, as well as to those who had planned an attempt on him. In particular, the members from the clan of Rovshan Lenkoransky (murdered a year ago) – his brother Namik Dzhaniev and thief in law Khadzhibaba Talybkhanly (Khadzhi Beylagansky) – are under threat.

Two weeks ago, they were detained together with the members of the Turkish OCG Şirinler in Istanbul, carrying a lot of firearms and hand grenades. According to the latest information of the Turkish police, the bandits had been preparing to storm Guli's house in Istanbul and eliminate both him and his clan.

The hitmen had a detailed building plan, which, as Rosbalt notes, could have been drawn only by someone who has access to Salifov's house. Prior to the assassination attempt, had negotiated with Khadzhi Beylagansky; Dzhangveladze has also fallen under suspicion.

The agency notes that Guli is currently conducting negotiations with Dzhangveladze's enemies. For example, with Merab Pipiya, who has a revenge motive for building a coalition against common enemies. In 2012, he was beaten in front of his child for not recognizing Dzhangveladze as a thief in law.      


Namik Dzhaniev and Khadzhibaba Talybkhanly

It is also known about Guli's union with thieves Aleksandr Kushnerov (Kushner) and Rashad Ismailov (Rashad Gyandzhinsky), the old enemies of Dzhangveladze. In addition, Sergey Cheban aka Kitaets, crowned by Gela Kardava, had recently paid a visit to Guli in Turkey. Kardava's thief powers are currently suspended by Shakro Molodoy and other influential thieves in law, Rosbalt reports.

Stemming from a desire to once again become a full-fledged thief, Gela even contacted Eduard Asatryan (Edik Osetrina), who is currently forming a powerful clan in Moscow and declares his ambitions to become "thief in law No. 1", with whom they used to be in conflict. The agency's source notes that Gela is looking for other options for restoring his position, other than rapprochement with Osetrina (although in this case, Guli is a perfect option for him). 

It is notable that Guli uses a very unusual move in negotiations. He tells potential allies that thieves in law do not need a new "boss of all bosses", whereas, at the same time, he intends to be treated by other thieves as equal, brother to brother.



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