Thief in law Guli to conquer the Baltics

Thief in law Guli to conquer the Baltics
Nadir Salifov (Guli)

Local law enforcers are afraid of a showdown between the people of Guli and local kingpin Adu Zugdidsky.

Thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli) began to conquer the Baltic states. Representatives of the local Azerbaijani diaspora began to complain about the people who offer protection to them. Otherwise, according to them, neither the Baltic States, nor any other part of the world will do a favour if problems arise.

Special services officers believe that such an active redistribution will lead to a showdown. The main figure capable of resisting Guli is thief in law Zurab Shamugiya, known as Adu Zugdidsky.

Зураб Шамугия (Аду Зугдидский)

Zurab Shamugiya (Adu Zugdidsky)

Shamugiya has a certain influence in Latvia. He spent there two of his terms, so he decided to settle in this European country. His authority in the region increased after the murder of Estonian mafia leader Nikolai Tarankov in 2016. Some people even consider him as the thief No. 1 in the Baltics. Moreover, he successfully fought against alien thieves and mobs who also want to settle in one of these post-Soviet countries. In particular, it is reported that he was able to besiege shot caller Dzhamal Mikeladze (Dzhemo), who at the end of last year had a beef with Adu Zugdidsky's allies and merchants. Eventually, Dzhemo had to leave the country, as he was told that some Adu's Chechens were ready to kill him.

Their rivals on the field of contract killings were Gennady Valyagin (Dlinny) allies, but the law enforcers were thinking about Chechens. Most likely the gang of Valyagin is not up to Dzhemo, because there is a split within the gang out of common fund embezzlement.

According to this, it can be assumed that it is Shamugiya who will become the main fighter against Guli. However, local law enforcers are most afraid of this - after all, the kingpin sets his cap at the Baltic states, he will do everything possible to achieve his own, which means that the police are waiting for the "merry" times.

In addition, the Baltic states can become a springboard for further expansion of Guli's influence and a new crack-down on Moscow and Europe.



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