Thief in law Guli takes control of Food City Moscow market from Rovshan Lenkoransky's heir 

Thief in law Guli takes control of Food City Moscow market from Rovshan Lenkoransky's heir
Nadir Salifov (Guli)

The crime boss personally talks to big businessmen. At the same time, for Guli, who is on the wanted list in Russia, it is not necessary to be present physically on the territory of the Russian Federation – communication takes place through video conferences.

The thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli), who is on the wanted list in Russia, continues to subdue new Russian assets.

According to Rosbalt, a few days ago the last major Russian object, which had been previously unconquered, former capital agricultural cluster Food City, had been surrendered to the victor’s grace. Guli had fiercely fought for control since January 2018.

The largest wholesale food market on the Kaluga highway with an area of 85 hectares more than 13,000 people work and most of them are countrymen of Salifov.

The Food City, built in 2014, is one of the assets of billionaires from the Forbes list Zarah Iliev and God Nisanov, who also own the Sadovod market and the Evropeysky shopping mall. However, in fact, until recently, the Food City market was controlled by a relative of the shot in 2016 in Turkey thief in law Rovshan Lenkoransky (Rovshan Dzhaniev), Zaur Akhmedov, who was Dzhaniev’s cousin and brother-in-law at the same time.

Akhmedov inherited control over the market after the murder of Lenkoransky. Guli previously was named the person behind the murder among the main suspects.

Meanwhile, the struggle of the mafia clans for the capital assets of Lenkoransky unfolded soon after his death, and Guli, who was then in an Azerbaijani prison, quickly crushed most of the other Moscow “points” of the Dzhaniev's clan through his emissaries.

Rovshan Lenkoransky

The clan of Rovshan Lenkoransky fought against the invaders for control over the agro-cluster for a long time, until in winter 2018 the market was actually seized by them. At the end of February, representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Moscow reported on extortion of large sums from members of the Food City market by members of an unnamed ethnic organized criminal group. On the same days, operatives of the criminal investigation department and the FSB detained in Moscow a dozen Guli's gangsters, led by the authority Fuad Rzayev, nicknamed Afo, for extortion from the capital entrepreneurs of Azerbaijani origin.

Guli’s fighters were constantly on duty at the market, and catching salesmen and people from Akhmedov’s entourage, with the help of assault-giving, they lucidly explained to them that from now on, the money for the “protection” should be paid exclusively to Guli. Akhmedov himself was expecting an assassination attempt at any moment, going everywhere accompanied by six armed personnel of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Okhrana ('Guard').

According to the Rosbalt interlocutor, familiar with the situation, the financial possibilities of Guli and Zaur Akhmedov are incomparable, and Lenkoransky's relative has already financially failed to cope with the costly “war” with Guli and with paying to numerous guards. As a result of the confrontation with Guli and a long siege, some time ago, the heir of Rovshan Lenkoransky left Moscow, leaving several of his people on the market and actually surrendering the last major object from Rovshan Dzhaniev’s once-powerful "dill empire" to Guli's assistants.

Now that Guli’s people have entered the market, the thief in law is mastering new possessions – in a short time, he managed to impose a tribute on leading merchants, communicating with large entrepreneurs in a video conference mode, collecting them into groups of up to 10 people. According to an agency source, the amounts of monthly tribute voiced by Guli to entrepreneurs are not the object for discussion.


Guli is quite familiar with the use of modern means of communication – The CrimeRussia previously reported on video streams that Guli conducted from Turkey, where he settled after his release from an Azerbaijani prison. Serving a long term, Salifov with the help of the Internet kept abreast of the events "in the wild." And after his release through the social network, the crime boss distributed assignments and even appointed alpha dogs, leading an extensive criminal community in the CIS countries.



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