Thief in law Guli starts ‘hosting guests’ in Baku

Thief in law Guli starts ‘hosting guests’ in Baku
Nadir Salifov

People come to the apartment he is confined under house arrest in.

Thief in law Nadir Salifov (aka Guli) has been allowed to host guests in his Baku’s apartment, reports

According to, Guli has been placed under house arrest. Moreover, police officers are watching him all the time - shutting out the possibility he would escape, as well as averting the possible assassination attempts on the ‘thief’. According to the latest information, small circle of people are allowed to visit him.

Early in the month, Turkey extradited a 46-year-old ‘thief in law’ to Azerbaijan. Thus, the ‘thief’ spent more than a year out of prison. In October, 2017, he was released from the Azerbaijanian colony after his 22-years’ custody. Soon after, he left the country for Georgia, and then Turkey. At that moment, Azerbaijan’s MIA did not have claims to Guli.

However, in summer, 2018, the authorities of Azerbaijan started requesting Gili’s extradition who is not even a citizen of the country. For the first time, Guli was put in jail in 1995. Then, he had a Soviet passport with his place of birth being Dmanisi.

Russian party had also requested the ‘thief’s extradition. Late last year, Moscow’s Presnensky court and Samara’s district court arrested Salifov in absentia under articles 126 and 163 of Russia’s Criminal Code (Abduction and Extortion).

According to with reference to certain experts, the request by Azerbaijanian law enforcement officials for Guli’s extradition was related to Russia’s request Turkey did not want to fulfill for political reasons. Now, thanks to Azerbaijan as an intermediary, it is not unthinkable that it may be turned out to be within Russia’s security officials.

Salifov is one of the most influential criminal leaders in the former-Soviet Union space. The fact that he had been place in the Russian prison can provoke another criminal war. With that, the ‘thief’ had not recognized the results of elections of the country’s main ’thief’ - 54-year-old Oleg Shishkanov (aka Shishkan) that took place at Moscow’s ‘convention’ in August, 2018.



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