Thief in law Guli sends wreath for grave of his colleague shot in Georgia 

Thief in law Guli sends wreath for grave of his colleague shot in Georgia
Elshan Mamedov's grave

The car of Azerbaijani Elshan Mammadov was blasted in Tbilisi on September 12. It is known that the deceased was part of thief in law Lotu Guli’s immediate circle, and his murder became the next stage in the clan war between Azerbaijani thieves in law.

The funeral of Azerbaijani crime lord Elshan Mamedov aka Elshan Amirdzhansky has taken place in the Baku settlement of Amirdzhan. September 12, he was shot dead in Tbilisi in his car Toyota Land Cruiser. The assassins fired eight shots at the car.

Elshan Mamedov was part of the influential Azerbaijani thief in law Nadir Salifov aka Guli and was his right-hand man. According to Rosbalt, Mamedov's murder launched another round of the clan war against Guli waged by the coalition of four Azerbaijani thieves, namely Rafik Eyvazov (Rafik Masallinsky), Dzhavid Mamedov (Dato Agdzhabedinsky), Emin Akhmedov (Emin Adzhigabulsky), and Dzheykhun Askerov (Dzheykhun Gyandzhinsky).

The publication called Rafik Massalinsky the main person behind the hit on Elshan Mamedov; Massalinsky avenged Guli for beating him and cutting his ear in December 2016. Back then, the thief promised to kill every participant of the violence committed over him.


At the Elshan Mamedov murder scene

At the same time, Mamedov was far from the first victim of this conflict. In April 2017, another participant in the massacre of Rafik Massalinsky – Dzhabir Gasanov – was murdered. And in May 2017 in Odessa, there was an attempt on the life of two Guli’s proxies, Ilgam Gadzhiev and Oktay Arkhaly.

As reported by, a wreath has been laid on Mamedov's grave on behalf of Guli and other thieves in law from his clan.


Nadir Salifov (Guli)

To recall, Nadir Salifov (aka Guli) is currently serving a sentence in one of the Azerbaijani colonies. The thief's authority is so high that he did not lose his influence even while in prison; he uses enforcers to control businessmen (mostly from the Azerbaijani diaspora in the near abroad). In May 2017, the CrimeRussia’s source reported that Salifov might soon be released on parole.



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