Thief in law Guli's Urals right-hand man on trial for extortion and murder

Thief in law Guli's Urals right-hand man on trial for extortion and murder
Rakhman Abdullaev

Rakhman Abdullaev oversaw markets, including Yekaterinburg vegetable base number 4, collecting money for the common fund.

The case of Rakhman Abdullaev, 49, a crime lord and protege of Nadir Salifov (Guli), was passed to Kurchatovsky District Court of Chelyabinsk. Together with Eldaniz Bagirov, 25, he is accused of extortions and murder of their countryman, a native of Azerbaijan, in Chelyabinsk, reports with reference to a source in law enforcement bodies.

Bagirov is charged under items (a), (c), (d), part 2 of Art. 163 (Extortion) and part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Murder), Abdullaev - under items (a), (c), (d), part 2 of Art. 163 (two counts of Extortion) and part 4 of Art. 33, part 1 of Art. 105 (Incitement to Murder).

According to investigators, in the summer of 2017, Bagirov bought a Mercedes for 300 thousand rubles ($4.7 thousand). However, the car was constantly breaking down, and he turned to Abdullaev with a request to assist in the return of money. Abdullaev contacted the seller, who also came from Azerbaijan, and demanded the return of the money. The seller of the used car agreed, but sent his friend to a meeting instead of himself, while he himself flew home. The transfer of money took place in Bakinsky Dvor (Baku Yard) restaurant, where Bagirov arrived along with Abdullaev. Having received 300 thousand back ($4.7 thousand), the criminals demanded the same sum from the seller for the delay. When the man refused, Bagirov invited him to have a talk outside and began to threaten with a knife there. A fight ensued, as a result of which Bagirov was disarmed and hit in the face. This made him fall to the ground, while the debtor's friend was able to escape.

Abdullaev decided that this incident could undermine his reputation in the criminal environment, so he convinced Bagirov to kill the stubborn countryman. He himself bought a gun and ammunition, and a week after the fight Bagirov ambushed the victim in the yard of his house in Kurchatovsky district and fired a gun at the back of the head. The man was taken to hospital in serious condition, and eventually died there.

Already in April 2018, Abdullaev met now with the direct seller of the car, who had returned from Azerbaijan, and under the threat of murder, demanded 300 thousand rubles ($4.7 thousand). However, he did not have time to get the money, since in May of last year, regional FSB officers detained the defendants with the support of the Rapid Deployment Task Force of Rosgvardiya. At the trial on the elections of a measure of restraint, Abdullaev said that he was framed, he was not engaged in extortion or incitement.

Earlier, one of the sources of the publication reported that the detention of Abdullaev was beneficial to a high-ranking chief in the local Interior Ministry - Rinat Kamaletdinov, nicknamed Kemel. At the moment, he is the Head of the Department for Combating Organized Crime of the Criminal Investigation Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Chelyabinsk region. According to an insider, he is trying to keep his post with this loud detention, as he allegedly faces dismissal or transfer to another position.

At the same time, it is worth noting that similar theories regarding Kamaletdinov were expressed during the detention of another Chelyabinsk crime lord and a senior mentor of Abdullaev - Ilkham Osmanov. He was taken in the spring of 2015 for extortion of 11 million rubles ($174.2 thousand) and a car from a local businessman. Then, a source of reported that the 'discharge' of such an influential person in the Urals (Osmanov was even called mafia enforcer of the Southern Urals) was the work of Kamaletdinov.

According to security officials, Abdullaev on behalf of crime lord Salifov controlled market workers in the Urals, collecting money for the so-called common fund.



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