Thief in law Guli’s girlfriend shocks public again

Thief in law Guli’s girlfriend shocks public again
Afaq Aslan

Azerbaijani singer Afaq Aslan has published her candid photo.

Elaborating on her daily routine, Azerbaijani singer Afaq Aslan, who is reputed to be in a relationship with the infamous thief Nadir Salifov aka Guli, told how the morning of a girl should begin, providing the message with a picture of herself naked. In her Instagram, Aslan said that various kinds of massages and other SPA-procedures help her stay in shape.

Earlier, the singer had repeatedly demonstrated her candid pictures to her followers, whose number as of today is close to 120 thousand.

To recap, the rumors about Guli having a relationship with the Azerbaijani singer, who is popular in Turkey, surfaced in early June. In particular, according to the Azerbaijan media’s sources, Afaq Aslan has been seen in the company of Guli in Istanbul restaurants. The performer posted a romantic picture saying “A+N” on her Instagram account, which apparently should mean “Afag + Nadir.”

Previously, the singer said that her loved one lived in Turkey (where Guli had had a residence until recently moving to the UAE); in an interview with Sputnik-Azerbaijan, she neither confirmed nor denied the information about her relationship with the thief in law in question, limiting herself to the vague phrase that “crime lords also have a heart.” 

At the same time, it is possible that the singer is hyping herself with Guli’s name, who is very famous in his homeland. Or maybe she really wants to become his loved one, especially after it became known that the thief was a dollar billionaire. Salifov himself has never commented on his alleged relationship with Afaq Aslan. During the wedding of the thief in law Nikolay Dgebuadze (Nika Gagrinsky) in Istanbul in June this year, Guli was in the company of a different woman.



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