Thief in law Guli’s gangsters ambush Rovshan Lenkoransky’s successor 

Thief in law Guli’s gangsters ambush Rovshan Lenkoransky’s successor
Nadir Salifov (Guli)

Lulling the hostile clan into an unwarranted sense of security by renouncing claims against the brother of Rovshan Dzhaniev, who was preparing an attempt on Guli in Istanbul, the latter took active steps to take away the ‘dill empire’ of Lenkaransky's relatives in Moscow.

Influential Azerbaijani thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli) has begun an active attack on his enemies in Russia, Rosblat reports referring to a source in law enforcement bodies.

According to the person interviewed by the agency, Zaur Akhmedov, a relative of thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lenkoransky) killed in Turkey in 2016, who currently lives in Moscow and controls the capital's assets of the deceased, has found himself under siege.

Akhmedov, whose residence is located on the wholesale market Food City on the Kaluzhskoe highway, tries to lie low. He is always accompanied by six employees of Okhrana FSUE on his way between the office on the market and his house, as he expects an assassination attempt at any moment, the sources notes.

According to him, in recent weeks, a large number of Guli’s militants have been watching over the huge market on the Kaluzhskoe highway, from where Zaur Akhmedov controls a number of financial flows. It is reported that members of Guli’s clan wait for Azerbaijani merchants protected by Zaur and people from Akhmedov’s entourage, and explain them (by means of violence) that from now on they should only pay Guli.


Food City agricultural cluster on Kaluzhskoe highway

The fact that Nadir Salifov, who has been arrested in absentia in Russia and declared wanted on charges of extortion and kidnapping, lays claims to Moscow business controlled by the clan of deceased Rovshan Lenkoransky became known in January 2017. Guli, who is currently in Turkey and who is regarded by many as the person behind Rovshan Lenkoransky’s assassination of two years ago, operates in Russia with the help of his emissaries, in particular, his brother and thief in law Namik Salifov (Namik Bakinsky). 

Namik Salifov

Namik Salifov

In late February, representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Moscow reported on the extortion of large amounts of money from Food City traders by members of an unnamed ethnic organized crime group. Back then, the Criminal Investigation Department and the FSB operatives detained a dozen Guli gangsters led by crime lord Fuad Rzaev aka Afo for extorting money from Moscow entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan origin in Moscow.

Meanwhile, the current situation surrounding Food City was predictable. November 2, 2017, Turkish police arrested 11 people who planned an armed attack on Guli's house in Istanbul where he went immediately after being released from prison. The group of assassins was led by Rovshan Lenkoransky’s brother Namik Dzhaniev, however, the ideological mastermind and financier of this operation was the heir of Moscow assets Zaur Akhmedov, as Rosbalt reported. He has repeatedly stated that he would spend the entire inheritance from his brother to take revenge for his death.

The position of Salifov after a failed assassination attempt was rather neutral, the publication notes. He circulated information that he did not believe that the prisoners actually planned to kill him, accusing the Turkish police of provocation. As the source in law enforcement bodies believes, it is now time for Guli to strike back at the hostile clan striving to seize control of the largest food market in the Moscow region.



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