Thief in law Guli is targeting Ukraine

Thief in law Guli is targeting Ukraine
Nadir Salifov

Clan members of the influential thief, who claims the ‘crown of the thief number 1’ of the entire post-Soviet space, are active in Ukraine, according to former press service head of the Security Service of Ukraine Stanislav Rechinsky on Facebook.

Thief in law Nadir Salifov (aka Guli), who has been recently released from a prison in Azerbaijan, is interested in gaining control over the Ukrainian criminal world, as reported by Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Rechinsky on his Facebook page.

The former press service head of the Security Service of Ukraine is confident that Salifov is actively looking for channels to organize illegal activities in the country via one of his clan members.

Rechinsky, who has extensive connections in Ukrainian law enforcement structures, explains Guli's aspirations by the redistribution of criminal influence that accompanies the situation that has developed in the country.

According to him, now in Ukraine there are practically no influential thieves in law. Sergey Lysenko (Lera Sumskoy) stays mainly in Moscow due to being busy with the problems of his imprisoned son. Andrey Nedzelsky (Nedelya) is afraid of returning to Ukraine due to his ‘decrowning’, and Sergey Glonti (Guga) has been deported. The rest are either old, or not powerful enough to control the criminal world on an all-Ukrainian scale.

While Guli has some friends here, says the journalist. He mentions Oleg Krapivin’s (Bakinsky) people with a network of sports clubs, where they are training fighters, and Ukrainian oligarch-developer Vagif Aliev, loyal to Guli. The legal trade of fruits and vegetables and illegal drug dealing – traditional for Azerbaijanian gangland – will be used as a ‘starting base’ to subjugate Ukrainian criminals.

To recall, the last few years Ukraine has been taking efforts to diligently combat thieves in law. December 7, Deputy Head of the Ukrainian National Police Vyacheslav Abroskin said that Ukraine has almost got rid of the cross-border ‘tourists’ as a result of systematic work of the criminal investigation department, specializing in combatting the criminal activities of thieves in law.

Only a few months ago, there was 28 thieves in law from other countries in the territory of Ukraine. According to Abroskin, now only seven thieves – citizens of Ukraine – permanently reside on the territory of the country. They are Sergey Lysenko (Lera Sumskoy), Sergey Oleynik (Umka), Valery Sheremet (Sharik), Revaz Katamadze (Rezo), and Armen Khachatryan (Khokhol).

It is worth noting that despite serving the long prison sentence in Azerbaijan, Guli has a huge influence on the criminal environment of Russia and countries of the post-Soviet space, including Georgia and Azerbaijan, having controlled a number of OCG even while in detention. A number of sources call Nadir Salifov one of the main contenders for the ‘throne of thief No. 1’, which has been vacant since the arrest of Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) in 2016.

Salifov is currently in Turkey. In early November, the Turkish police averted an assassination attempt on Guli organized by the hostile clan of Rovshan Lenkoransky, shot in Istanbul a year ago.



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