Thief in law Guli detained in Turkey again

Thief in law Guli detained in Turkey again
Nadir Salifov (aka Guli)

Authorities are considering his deportation to Russia or Azerbaijan.

Migration service in Turkey has detained a famous thief in law Nadir Salifov (aka Guli) again, reports with reference to the detainee’s relatives.

According to the sources, the Turkish side is considering the thief’s deportation to Azerbaijan or Russia where he is on the wanted list on charges of abduction (article 126), and extortion (article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). 

At the present time, he is allegedly in the migration service’s remand prison on the border between Turkey and Bulgaria. 

Last week, reported that the Turkish court overturned the decision of the exit and entry administration as to Salifov’s deportation. 

The first reports on the thief’s detention in a street of Istanbul emerged on the web on October 9. This was linked to the fact that the Istanbul Office for Combating Organised Crime had taken an interest with him. The fact he was detained was likely caused by multiple reports within Russia media on his criminal activity in Russia. In particular, it had been reported that the vor’s representatives had managed to establish complete control over a major wholesale market FoodCity located near Moscow, on 22 Kaluzhskoe highway, having laid its employees under tribute. 

There also emerged a presumption that the Turkish law enforcement officers could have issues with Salifov as to the murder of his number one competitor - a vor Rovshan Lenkoransky - that took place in 2016 in Turkey.

However, Guli was released 24 hours after the interrogation.

Salifov and his nephew Magomed Kurbanov were detained in Montenegro’s capital Podgorica. He arrived there to celebrate his birthday and organize a small thieves in law gathering. Guli was released the next day. 



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