Mafia online: Thief in law Guli broadcasting

Mafia online: Thief in law Guli broadcasting
Thief in law Guli's live broadcasting

Also, using social networks, Nadir Salifov divides Azerbaijan into spheres of influence directly from Turkey.

Apparently, modern technologies are not alien to the thieves' world. So, recently in one of the instant messengers, influential kingpin Nadir Salifov (Guli), who was released in October of this year, was spotted.

As reported by Vesti.Az, Guli began live broadcasting on social networks and tries to get out a message to his subscribers (there are many of them). He also answers numerous questions and states his views on certain events.

Analyzing the video, the edition came to the conclusion that Guli appointed underbosses in each region of Azerbaijan for the time of his absence. In particular, according to him, Rashad Ismaylov (Rashad Ganjinsky) is now supervising Ganja.

However, this way of communication is not a novelty for Guli - he solved his questions via Skype being imprisoned.

Recall, releasing after 20 years in prison, Salifov soon left Azerbaijan for Turkey. In his home near Istanbul he lives with his family and loved ones. The house has to be seriously guarded, as some attempts on his life were committed. Representatives of the clan deceased last year thief in law Rovshan Lenkoransky, led by his brother Namik Dzhaniev, were detained in Istanbul when they were just discussing the plan of an attack on Salifov's house with the local mafiosi. There were found combat pistols and hand grenades.



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