Thief in law Goga Rustavsky hid in Moscow region under false name for 2 years

Thief in law Goga Rustavsky hid in Moscow region under false name for 2 years
Georgy Gogoladze (aka Goga Rustavsky)

Previously, the 54-year-old Georgy Gogoladze illegally crossed the Abkhaz-Russian border on forged documents.

Officers of the FSB and the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation have detained a Georgian thief in law Georgy Gogoladze aka Goga Rustavsky in the Chekhov district, Moscow region.

The law enforcers found out that the 54-year-old thief in law had lived in the territory of Russia under a fake identity since 2016.

A search in Gogoladze’s house in one of the Chekhov district gardeners' non-commercial partnership revealed two Abkhazian passports and a driver's license in the name of Sukhashvili, which, according to Gogoladze, he had bought in Abkhazia, and then submitted when crossing the Abkhaz-Russian border. It is known that Gogoladze had already been escorted to Sochi, where a criminal case under illegal crossing of the state border has been initiated against him.

Goga Rustavsky is a thief in law of Soviet formation and a brother of another infamous thief in law Tamaz Gogoladze aka Chermen. Georgy Gogoladze was 'crowned’ in Georgia in 1989, shortly after his release from the Tatarstan colony, where he had served a seven-year sentence.

In the 90s, the Gogoladze brothers had a wealth of contacts throughout the Moscow’s underground and took part in gang feuds, supervising the activities of crime groups engaged in apartment theft and robbery.

In 2008, according to the decision of the Babushkinsky District Court of Moscow and at the request of the Georgian authorities, Georgy Gogoladze was extradited from Russia to Georgia, where the Telavi Court had previously sentenced him in absentia to 10 years’ imprisonment for participating in a thieves’ community. After the Georgian thieves were amnestied in 2013, Gogoladze was at large again, after which he tried to revoke the previously annulled Russian citizenship and regain his registration in the Moscow district of Severnoe Butovo, where his wife lived.



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