Thief in law Gia Sverdlovsky receives delegations

Thief in law Gia Sverdlovsky receives delegations
Georgy Akoev aka Gia Sverdlovsky

Georgy Akoev, who has returned to Yekaterinburg after years of imprisonment, strengthens his dominance in the criminal circles.

Georgy Akoev, the grandnephew of Ded Hasan known as thief in law Gia Sverdlovsky, has become particularly proactive since he got out of jail. AIF-Ural reported citing its sources that he regularly meets with people who have a reputation in the criminal world. The sources named some cronies of the thief in law Vladimir Zyatkov, aka Zyatek (son in law) among the recent visitors.

"The nature of the visit was diplomatic: to recognize Gia as one of the bosses," the source said.

Gia Sverdlovsky served an 11-year sentence for robbery. In August 2017, he gathered all the thieves on the Yekaterinburg Moskovsky Trakt. Akoev’s supporters attended the gathering, including the common cash fund keeper Vladimir Solomennikov aka Soloma and the city underboss Levan Akoev (Leva). Some of the cronies of the thief in law Avtandil Kobeshavidze aka Avto also came to the meeting.

Earlier, certain well-informed sources had told the CrimeRussia that once free, the thief had every chance to settle in the city and claim the title vacant since 2014, after the death of his uncle Timur Sverdlovsky. That is, to become the leader of the local underworld.

We should remind that Akoev was thief-crowned in jail in 2008 as a protégé of his late uncle Temuri Mirzoev (Timur Sverdlovsky) and Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan). Gia Sverdlovsky is a grandnephew of the latter. Akoev is also the godson of the powerful Pichuga (Little bird), adding to this criminal kinship.

Earlier, it was Avtandil Kobeshavidze, Shakro Molodoy’s crony, who had tried to claim the place of the region’s "master-thief" in January 2016. However, Avto was not allowed to do whatever he wanted to in the Urals capital and after a talk with the siloviki, the thief was forced to leave the Sverdlovsk region. According to the latest information, he went to the south of Russia, the city of Rostov-on-Don, but Avto’s people remained in Yekaterinburg to continue their criminal business.



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