Thief in law Gela Tbilissky detained in Kiev once again 

Thief in law Gela Tbilissky detained in Kiev once again
Gela Tbilissky

Another thief in law did not want to leave his criminal business in Ukraine.⁠

In Kiev, thief in law Gela Dzhodzhua, known by the nickname Gela Tbilissky, was detained for the second time in six months.

In April of this year, the kingpin was detained and deported from the country, but Gela Tbilissky managed to re-enter the territory of Ukraine and continue to develop his criminal business. The thief in law oversees several criminal groups engaged in carjacking and thefts. According to the National Police, Gela Tbilissky also organized gatherings and involved young people in his gangs.


51-year-old Gela Dzhodzhua was crowned in 1996. In Russia, the kingpin was twice convicted of illegal possession of drugs. He has not any charges under grave and especially grave articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Note that when expelling he was forbidden to enter Ukrine for three years. Now Ukrainian law enforcers have to find out how the kingpin entered Kiev once again.

"Now he is placed in the Chernigovsky pre-trial detention center, the question of his expulsion from the Ukraine is being decided," said Head of the Main Department of the National Police in Kiev Andrey Krishchenko.

By the way, in the special detention center Gela Tbilissky is serving his term with his colleague thief in law Tengiz Cheraya (Tengo Galsky), who is waiting for his deportation. Recall that Ukrainian law enforcers had already expelled Tengo Galsky in December 2016 and also prohibited entry into the territory of Ukraine for three years. However, the kingpin did not postpone returning.

Ukrainian security forces have repeatedly complained of the dominance of thieves in law in the country. Despite dozens of deportations a year reported by the National Police, the thieves return to Ukraine again, where they feel free-and-easy. Not so long ago, within the framework of the combat against criminal authorities, the National Police proposed to re-adopt Article 331 Illegal Crossing of the State Border. According to First Deputy Head of the department Vyacheslav Abroskin, tightening the legislation will help "to exclude the physical presence of 'touring pickpockets' and thieves in law on the territory of the country".

Video: the detention of Gela Tbilissky



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