Thief in law Galei gets another conviction while behind the bars 

Thief in law Galei gets another conviction while behind the bars
Dmitry Galeev

Belarusian thief in law Dmitry Galeev, serving time for extortion, earned a new conviction in prison: he was sentenced to 1 year and 11 months of strict regime for disobeying the administration of the colony.⁠

After on May 31, 2014 the Moscow region witnessed elimination of 60-year-old Alexander Timoshenko, known in criminal circles as a Gomel thief in law dubbed Timokha, 42-year-old Dmitry Galeev remains the only living criminal with Belarusian roots.

Galei received the 'crown' in 1998, when he was 24 years old. In the early 2000s, he moved to Russia, made a Russian passport and got the status of a mafia enforcer in one of the country towns. Later operatives arrested him in Samara for illegally obtained passport of a Russian citizen.

The lawyers of Galei got out of their way to make sure that his case was considered in the European Court of Human Rights. The court passed the verdict: the arrest of Galeev is illegal. Thief in law was at large and hurried to flee to Sweden, and later it transpired that the Belarusian police had been trying to catch him since 2005 to bring to justice for extortion.

Galei, with three convictions and more than 10 years of imprisonment in colonies behind him, managed not only to avoid undesirable meetings with law enforcement officers, but also successfully run business in Sweden, being the beneficiary of a restaurant chain.

It was only possible to detain him on March 26, 2013, after a specially orchestrated domestic conflict. On the same day, Galei was deported from Sweden for violating the migration legislation. The police met him at the gangway at the National Airport of Minsk.

On March 13, 2014, the Zavodskoy District Court of Minsk convicted him for 11 years of strict regime with confiscation of property for a crime committed 10 years ago, having found him guilty of extortion. Later, the term was reduced by one year.

To serve his sentence, Dmitry Galeev was sent to correctional colony-9, located in Gorki, the Mogilev region. After he got into the colony, rumors appeared in the thieves' environment that Galei renounced the thieves' law and started to work with other prisoners. Someone argued that he did not break down and "serves time like a thief."

It is noteworthy that Galei received another conviction, being in prison. According to BelGazeta, a criminal case was filed against Dmitry Galeev under part 2 of Art. 411 of the Criminal Code - Malicious Disobedience to the Requirements of the Administration of the Correctional Institution. In June 2017, the Goretsky District Court found him guilty in this case and sentenced him to 1 year and 11 months of strict regime. This conviction was the fifth for Galei.

After being held in one of the pre-trial detention centers of Vitebsk, he was sent to correctional colony-11 to serve his sentence. Upon arrival at the colony, the thief in law was almost immediately sent to punitive confinement for 7 days for disobedience.

Previously, The CrimeRussia has reported that in the thieves' world has some claims against Galei. In particular, 17 thieves in law from the clan of the now late Ded Khasan signed under the so-called circular letter and sent it to their comrades sitting in Belarusian prisons. In their appeal, the criminals blasted Galei and noted that according to the canons every "decent prisoner, when meeting him, should behave appropriately."

In their circular orders thieves in law, as a rule, do not indicate for what sins they consider ex-colleagues to be 'bad people'. However, it became known to The CrimeRussia that Galei, being intoxicated, attacked 'authoritative' Yury Pichugin, nicknamed Pichuga, after a verbal battle, for which he was, in fact, sentenced to death. It, according to the information of The CrimeRussia, has not occurred so far only because the ex-thief in law has lived in Sweden for a long time.



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