Thief in law embroiled Ukraine and Georgia

Thief in law embroiled Ukraine and Georgia
The "thief in law" drove the wedge between the two countries

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Giorgy Mgebrishvili said that Ukraine had violated the fundamental principles of international police cooperation.

The Georgian "thief in law" David Gerliani, known in the criminal world as Dato Svan, was the cause of the cooling of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This statement was made on the eve by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Giorgy Mgebrishvili in the course of communication with journalists.

Previously, Crime Russia has repeatedly reported about the controversial expulsion of the "thief in law" from Ukraine to his the homeland, Georgia. The thing is that the Ukrainian police did not bother to notify their Georgian colleagues about the detainee’s expulsion, although, according to the standards of the international police community, they should have done it.

- This fact casts a large shade on the cooperation of Ministries of Internal Affairs of Georgia and Ukraine. By its actions, the Ukrainian Ministry and namely the Odessa police violated the fundamental principles of international police cooperation, said Giorgy Mgebrishvili during his dialogue with journalists.

In addition, Mgebrishvili reported that the day before he had received written explanation of the situation from his Ukrainian colleague. According to Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko, "the Ukrainian police only "helped" D. Gerliani get to the airport and gave him a ticket to Tbilisi, it was not the expulsion".

It is to be recalled that Dato Svan’s deportation became known thanks to the Georgian Deputy Givi Targamadze, who posted about it in a social network. According to Targamadze, "no representative of the Ministry of Interior met the “thief in law” in Tbilisi airport; he was free to leave the airport and without any restrictions got to the territory of Georgia". According to Targamadze, the Georgian Interior Ministry has violated the applicable law, as it was obliged to send a representative to meet the deported kingpin at the airport.

It is also to be recalled that Georgia has a law criminalizing "thieves in law". According to article 223 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, a man recognized as the "thief in law", is a subject to a prison sentence for a term of 5 to 10 years. That means Gerliani was automatically supposed to be indicted, brought to trial and taken into custody after the plane landed: it happens to all "thieves in law" deported to Georgia. However, the kingpin quietly left the territory of the airport. Later, it became known that he was detained by the Georgian security forces while trying to cross the Georgian-Armenian border.



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