Thief in law Batyr Bukharsky to be extradited from Ukraine 

Thief in law Batyr Bukharsky to be extradited from Ukraine
Batyr Bukharsky Photo: Still from the video

He has been wanted by Spanish authorities for money laundering and forging documents.

The Borispol District Court of the Kyiv region has arrested thief in law Botir Rakhimov (Batyr Bukharsky) with his subsequent extradition to Spain. A month ago, he was detained in Kyiv by officers of the National Police of Ukraine, since he was on the international wanted list. Law enforcement agencies of the Kingdom of Spain accuse him of money laundering and falsification of documents. 


The detainee's Mercedes

As reported by Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin on his Facebook page, the thief lived in Spain for a long time and carried out personal orders of thieves in law on the laundering of money, which was withdrawn from the countries of the former USSR. He used to be Ded Hasan and Yaponchik’s henchman. After a special operation carried out in Spain, he disappeared in Ukraine, where he lived using a fake passport of a citizen of Ukraine. 

However, as Abroskin put it, “it's just bad luck, he’s going to Spain.” 

According to him, thieves in law are the evil that destroys the sovereignty of any country, the evil which all countries of the world are fighting. In Ukraine, they are involved in criminal activities ranging from pickpocketing to contract killings; they control the smuggling of cigarette, wood, international transportation, seaports, the extraction of natural resources, agro-industrial complexes, and the embezzlement of budget funds. 

Through the city-controlled mayors and the village councils, as well as officials of a higher level, who protect their interests, the thieves influence the country’s politics.

Abroskin once again proposed to return to the discussion of changes to the article “Creation of a Criminal Organization” (Art. 255 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) developed by a group of people's deputies in 2014, increasing the punishment for thieves in law and the leaders of organized criminal groups.



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