Thief in law Avto's messenger goes into hiding before verdict

Thief in law Avto's messenger goes into hiding before verdict
Shota Katamadze

Shota Katamadze was in the close circle of Avtandil Kobashidze.

Shota Katamadze, who is a part of the closest circle of criminal authorities and who heads the fraudsters gang, was under a written undertaking not to leave the place and disappeared. However, earlier he went to all court hearings, but on July 12, lawyers lost him. It is assumed that he disappeared before sentencing, which was also to take place on July 12. Recall that the prosecutor's office requested 11 years in prison for Katamadze.

Sentencing was postponed until July 18.

In December 2018, the prosecutor's office prepared all the materials of the case file of Shota Katamadze. As the investigation says, Katamadze himself was a messenger for Yekaterinburg thief in law Avtandil Kobachevidze, known in the criminal world as Avto. Katamadze's fraudulent activity consisted of simulating accidents with expensive cars and knocking out money from insurance companies.

Three years ago the criminal, who these days went on the run, even involved an insurance company legal adviser who knew all the details of OSAGO. Later a number of persons with special knowledge in the car repair were invited to the group. The group began to operate in 2016. Criminals rented a car service building in Yekaterinburg. Here, the damaged parts of cars were rearranged, the airbags were removed and the safety belts of cars were rendered useless to give a visibility to the safety system as a result of the accident. And after an accident was staged: they deliberately made a collision, or put the car with the existing damage to the body so as to create the appearance of an auto accident.

 When it was necessary to apply for insurance payment, one of the participants in the group, the director of the center of expertise, allegedly conducted an independent technical examination to assess the damage. Of course, the maximum possible amount of payment of 400 thousand rubles ($6,300) was written there, defined by the Federal Law on OSAGO (Compulsory civil liability insurance for vehicle owners). The damage from fraud is estimated at 4.7 million rubles ($74,500).

There are now 25 people in this case.

Also, the leader of the group Shota Katamadze is held in the operational bases as a messenger in the Urals for the exiled thief in law Avto.

So far Shota Katamadze has not been declared wanted, but this is likely to happen in the near future.



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