Thief in law Aslan Batumsky to be deported to Georgia

Thief in law Aslan Batumsky to be deported to Georgia
Aslan Kobuladze (Aslan Batumsky)

A few days ago, he was released from a colony in Kemerovo after almost seven years of imprisonment.

Released thief in law Aslan Kobuladze (Aslan Batumsky) was placed in a special detention center for illegal migrants. It is decided that in the near future he will be deported to Georgia. He is wanted upon charges of belonging to the thieves' world. Article "Membership in the thieves' community" appeared in the criminal code of Georgia in 2005. Under the Georgian law, thieves in law must be imprisoned for a period of 7 to 10 years with or without a fine.

In Russia Aslan Kobuladze was convicted of drugs possession by the Moscow City Court. Last Friday, he was released from the IK-42 after seven-year imprisonment. There, he served the last year of the appointed punishment. Immediately after leaving the Kemerovo colony, the Main Administration of Criminal Search of the Interior Ministry read out the decision on the undesirability of Kobuladze's stay in Russia.



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