Thief in law Aslan Batumsky escapes deportation to Georgia

Thief in law Aslan Batumsky escapes deportation to Georgia
Aslan Batumsky

The ‘thief’ has set off for Turkey.

‘Thief in law’ Aslan Kobuladze (aka Aslan Batumsky) who had been detained in Russia has been expelled from the country. He has set off for Turkey from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport by decision of a court. In Russia, according to order by head of Russia’s MIA, he was declared persona non grata for an unlimited period of time. In case he returns to Russia, he will face another term.

By the way, the ‘thief’ had already served his term in Russia: he spent 6 years and 10 months behind bars on charges of drugs. Besides that, in expectation of the deportation, the ‘thief in law’ spent 13 months in a Kemerovo-based center for illegal immigrants. He was being searched for by Georgia. He was being accused on involvement in thieves’ criminal world. However, due to the fact that the extradition request from Georgia’s Tbilisi was not received during this time, he was sent to Turkey.

Interestingly, Aslan’s number 1 competitor - 37-year-old ‘thief in law’ Mindia Goradze (aka Lavasogly Batumsky) - is in the same country at the present time. This is him who is managing all the financial and organisational issues now.

In June, last year, arduous phone conversation took place between the ‘thieves in law’. The partners in conversation did not acknowledge ‘authority’ of each other. Aslan reminded that in 2013, Mindia was ‘crowned’ without the consent of Kobuladze; so, Goradze was not being considered the ‘thief’ by Kobuladze. Lavasogly answered in the same vein, having noted that Aslan had had the same issues with his ’coronation’ when far from everyone within the criminal world had admitted his status.

Whatever it be, Aslan will have to go through facings by Mindia, as all other ‘thieves in law’ in the city of Batumi do acknowledge his ‘authority’. The only thing that may bother their ‘bickerfest’ is another term Lavasogly is likely to face.



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