Thief in law as lifestyle: Lera Sumskoy takes the path of Sasha Sever

Thief in law as lifestyle: Lera Sumskoy takes the path of Sasha Sever
Sergey Lysenko (known as Lera Sumskoy)

The famous thief in law gave an interview to a TV channel.

Thief in law Sergey Lysenko, known as Lera Sumskoy seems to take the path of Sasha Sever (North). Recently, the Ukrainian TV channel ICTV showed a curious program telling about thieves in law, with Lera Sumskoy as the main hero. Sitting in a chair the thief in law spoke about hard life of the crowned.

During a brief interview with a journalist, Lysenko said that “a thief in law is not just a status, but a lifestyle" and did not deny he has this status. In addition, the famous thief in law complained on the fact that the Ukrainian authorities "want to put him in a jail for his name only." Saying this, the thief in law meant an attempt of the Ukrainian authorities to formalize the term "thief in law" by including it in the Criminal Code and impose a solid-term imprisonment for the status. It is worth noting, that according to the criminal code, thieves in law cannot deny their involvement in the closed criminal circle. However, many of the crowned do not avoid denial of this fact, and refer to their lawyers, when asked whether they are thieves in law. 


According to the CrimeRussia, the 61-year-old thief in law Sergey Lysenko is an underboss in the Sumskoy Region. Lysenko was crowned in 1993 in the restaurant Vechornytsi in Sumy town. After deportation of thief in law Anthimos in 2009 and death of Mamed in 2011, Lysenko became one of the most important figures in the criminal circles in Ukraine.

The most interesting moment of Lera Sumskoy’s interview was the question of possible consequences that may have the interview, as it happened to Sasha Sever. To remind: in May of 2014, it became known that the criminal legend Aleksander Severov (Sasha Sever), who was praised by the late Mikhail Krug in his songs, lost his criminal crown. The criminal lost his status after he gave a frank interview to the NTV channel. According the other version, there were some issues of another character, which became the reason. Whether Lera Sumskoy will manage to save his criminal crown is a matter of time. 



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