Thief in law Arsen Erevansky finds himself changing freedom for jail  

Thief in law Arsen Erevansky finds himself changing freedom for jail
Arsen Mkrtchyan (Arsen Erevansky)

Previously, there were three attempts to imprison him, but all cases fell apart in court.

The Borovsk City Court, the Kaluga region, sentenced thief in law Arsen Mkrtchyan (Arsen Erevansky) to three and a half years in prison for possession of drugs on a large scale.

At the start of the year, he was detained by members of the Main Administration of Criminal Search of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kaluga region in one of the cafes on Kievskoye Highway. According to operational information, there was a gathering of criminal figures. In particular, together with Arsen Erevansky, the so-called mafia enforcer in Obninsk was also rounded up, a large drug trafficker, native of the Transcaucasia Republic, who has a rich assortment of banned substances, and seven others.

The thief in law himself was caught with methadone and heroin, therefore the Investigation Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Borovsky district of the Kaluga region initiated a criminal case against him under part 2 of Art. 228 of the Criminal Code.  

Video: Police thwarted the gathering involving Arsen Erevansky

Mkrtchyan has since been under house arrest, so he did not expect that after the court session he would go to places not so remote. Moreover, before this, the threat of a real term had hovered over him three times already, but he had always managed to avoid incarceration.   

For the first time, the crime boss was brought to criminal liability by Moscow law enforcers for robbery, kidnapping and possession of weapons and drugs in 2008. But then the Mytishchi court of the Moscow region sentenced Mkrtchyan to three and a half years' of suspended imprisonment. Afterwards, he was detained twice with a dose of heroin in 2009. He spent time in jail until 2010, after which the same Mytishchi court refused to extend the term of his detention, changed it to a written undertaking not to leave, and sent the criminal case for further investigation. As a result, this case was screwed up as well. And the thief himself moved from the Moscow region to the Kaluga region. 

Arsen Erevansky, who has never been behind the bars, was ‘crowned’ by his uncle, now the late thief in law Kndo. Nevertheless, in the Kaluga region he enjoyed a certain authority and influence, according to some information, by participating in operations to illegally cash hefty sums of money. He looked more ‘authorized’ with the help of a cane, as well as a wheelchair, on which he got accustomed to move.



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