Thief in law Ando Khromoy detained in Yerevan charged with methadone possession 

Thief in law Ando Khromoy detained in Yerevan charged with methadone possession
Detention of thief in law Andranik Arutyunyan (aka Ando Khromoy)

Previously, thief in law Aleksandr Makaryan (Alo) faced a similar charge for marijuana possession. They both were detained along with 30 more thieves and crime lords during a major ‘purge’ conducted by Armenian law enforcers after Nikol Pashinyan came to power.

The Investigative Committee of Armenia has initiated a criminal case against the 45-year-old thief in law Andranik Arutyunyan, also known as Ando Khromoy. He is charged with drug possession (part 1 of Art. 268 of the Armenian Criminal Code), the Armenian ICR’s press service reports.

As of June 22, the case is pending in the Investigation Department of Avan and Nor Nork administrative districts of Yerevan.

June 20, Arutyunyan was detained in his own house after law enforcers found a plastic container with the inscription NEXIUM and 9 pills inside, as well as white powdery substance, during searches. According to an examination, the substance detected was a methadone drug weighing 0.24 grams. The 9 pills were the same substance with a total weight of 0.09 grams.

To recall, yesterday, another thief Aleksandr Makaryan, who has Russian citizenship, was also charged with possession of narcotic drugs on an especially large scale. Searches of his place revealed 11.19 grams of marijuana.


The CrimeRussia previously reported on the major operation by the Armenian police, as part of which the houses of several dozen Armenian thieves and crime lords had been searched. In particular, siloviki had raided such thieves in law as Samvel Arutyunyan (Samvelik), Zhirayr Brutyan (Zhiro Shaumyansky), Norayr Piloyan (Koncho), Suren Avetisyan (Surik Leninakansky), Artem Gazaryan (Artemik Leninakansky), Armen Manukyan (Sevo), Gevork Melikyan (Gevorik Oshakansky), as well as previously detained Maneti Tha Samo, Rafael Khoetsyan (aka Afo, son of another thief in law Rafik Khoetsyan aka Khoy), and others. The searches had revealed weapons, ammunition, and drugs. In this connection, representatives of the criminal world were subjected to administrative detention. Items and substances found during the special operation were sent for examination.

The ‘purge’ in Armenia began in May this year after Nikol Pashinyan came to power. He was appointed Prime Minister of Armenia under the pressure of numerous demonstrations held in Yerevan. Experts believe that Armenian law enforcers follow the Georgian model in the fight against criminals. Neighboring Georgia is known for its tough laws to combat thieves in law and members of the thieves’ community.

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