Thief in law Ando Khromoy could be killed over clash with Zap 

Thief in law Ando Khromoy could be killed over clash with Zap
Andranik Sogoyan (Zap)

The massacre of the crime boss in this way is punishable by death.

The motive for the murder of 46-year-old thief in law Andranik Arutyunyan (Ando Khromoy, or Massivtsy Ando) could be revenge for complicity in an earlier insult to another crime lord Andranik Sogoyan (Zap). To recap, Ando Khromoy was gunned down by a killer on the evening of July 2 in one of the bedroom districts of Yerevan. He became the first thief in law killed in the capital in the history of Armenia.

The criminal environment regards what has happened as a renewal of clashes between Yerevan and Leninakan crime bosses. Besides settling personal scores, there is an act of intimidation of the others behind the murder of Arutyunyan. At the same time, the murder of a thief in law, whose future was not decided at a gathering, is considered as “lawlessness” and punishable by death.

Андраник Арутюнян (Андо Хромой)

Andranik Arutyunyan (Ando Khromoy)

To recap, the Leninakan clan, the leader of which is Zap, also includes his nephew Artem Kazaryan and Suren Avetisyan. In September 2016, all of them, as well as a member of the Rustavi clan of Lasha Shushanashvili Koba that sympathized with them, were beaten up at a gathering in Yerevan on charges of collaborating with the authorities and deprived of 'thievish' status by six other local thieves in law, among whom was Ando Khromoy.

Shortly thereafter, the offenders of Zap - Yerevan residents Afo Khoetsyan and Samo Arutyunyan, had to leave Armenia under pressure from the law enforcement agencies. The rest were also periodically persecuted - for example, a year ago, Ando Khromoy was detained during a total check of all thieves in law living in Armenia. He and Alexander Makaryan (Alo) were charged with storing drugs. During a search in his home, security officers discovered a plastic container with methadone. Also, according to some information, law enforcement officers explained the role and importance of Zap to all detained crime bosses.

As a result, Sogoyan started to exercise the 'thievish' power, which apparently gave him free rein.

The choice of Andranik Arutyunyan as the first victim seems illogical. He was a mid-level 'thief,' recently he has tried not to stick out, and he was also a heavy drug user. At the same time, he was considered a decent 'thief' with a long track record.

Parallels with the murder of thief in law Dato Pankissky in Istanbul in December 2017 were already seen in his murder. Then it was considered that Zap’s killers had done this on the request of Dato Ozmanov. The latter was also assaulted at one time. That said, just like Ando, ​​Dato Pankissky was not the central figure there, however, as it is believed, so far he alone has suffered for everybody.



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