Thief in law Alfasona charged with new “anti-thief” article 

Thief in law Alfasona charged with new “anti-thief” article

In addition, the investigation accuses Gocha Alpaidze of extortion.

Thief in law Gocha Alpaidze (Antipov), better known as Alfasona, has been charged with two articles, Art. 210.1 (Occupation of the Highest Position in the Criminal Hierarchy) and 163 (Extortion).  

According to the investigation, the thief was blackmailing his alleged accomplice, businessman Valery Chabanov, who had been previously detained on suspicion of involvement in several murders and convicted of swindling.

MK sources report that Alfasona demanded that Chabanov register ownership of the hotel building, which is located on an island in Thailand, in his name. The vor threatened the businessman on the phone; Gocha’s men would call him from pre-trial detention center. The exact whereabouts of the thief in law are currently unknown; he has been put on the wanted list. Some sources say he is hiding abroad. 

The publication reports that Alpaidze and Chabanov have long known each other. For example, Chabanov met with Dmitry Lesnikov aka Les in Rostov back in 2001. The latter is the leader of a hitmen group, with whom the thief in law had connections. 


Valery Chabanov 

Moreover, Gocha was close friends with Chabanov’s son, Andrey, the newspaper reports. According to sources, it was the vor who introduced Lesnikov to the leader of the Russian criminal world, Ded Hasan. According to MK, subsequently, most of the orders that Les’s men performed came from Aslan Usoyan and his entourage.

According to the investigation, some killings were organized by the father and son Chabanovs. For example, the shooting of thief in law Alik Minalyan (Alik Sochinsky), who was considered one of the main enemies of Ded Hasan, in Moscow in 2009. 

However, most of the killings were committed in the south, i.e. in the Rostov and Krasnodar regions, where the Chabanov family had their own business interests. In particular, it concerns the murder of a businessman, with whom the Sochi company Fristayl (owned by Chabanov Jr) had a conflict over a plot of land. 

Chabanov Sr was detained in Pattaya in 2017. He got a four-year sentence for fraud, as VANT interest holders lost millions as a result of his fraud. The new charge, which was brought later, was related to the killings and the organization of a criminal community. He himself became a victim of extortion by Alfason in a pre-trial detention center. 

By the way, the latter has been convicted by the verdict of Spanish court. In late 2017, there was an assassination attempt on him in Turkey, but he survived. It was believed that the reason for the attack was Alfason’s conflict with thief in law Nodar Rustavsky over the division of spheres of influence in the Rostov region.



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