Thief in law Aksen detained following discussion of cops’ business

Thief in law Aksen detained following discussion of cops’ business
Sergey Aksenov (Aksen)

Siloviki (Russia’s influential figures in law enforcement and security agencies) note that there’s an increased activity within the criminal world’s leaders.

Details have come to light about the detention of an influential thief in law (vor) Sergey Aksenov (aka Aksen). The vor’s cortege - his limousine that was being accompanied by offroadsters with guards inside - was stopped as they were entering Moscow. The vor was returning from a small thieves’ gathering. 

Aksen met a thief in law Vladimir Tyurin (aka Tyurik) and another major criminal lord whose name has been withheld, reports Rosbalt with reference to its source within law enforcement. The key conversation topics were recent events in the criminal world, as well as changes in the sand pits and landfill site related business controlled by them. 

Interestingly, such major ‘players’ as a vor Dmitry Chanturia (aka Miron) and Mikhail Voevodin (aka Misha Luzhnetsky) have special interests in it. Lately, Chanturia and Voevodin have bonded a lot in that regard, however they did not take part in the gathering. 

According to the Rosbalt’s source, the operatives were aware of the fact that the gathering was about to take place, however let it happen, and only then they detained Aksen.

First, his vehicle was stopped by the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (STSI) officers. Then, the Special Rapid Deployment Force officers joined and wrestled everyone down: both the guards and the vor. After that, Aksenov was taken to the office of the Russia’s Main Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior in Moscow where the preventive discussion was held. After that, he was freed. 

Out of the entire number of the gathering’s participants, he was the only one who interested the law enforcement officers. 

Sergey Aksenov being, according to the data obtained by the investigation, one of the most influential figures in the criminal world was involved in founding of Izmaylovskaya organized criminal network. During 1990s, along with one of the gang’s leaders Anton Malevsky (aka Anton Izmaylovsky), he actively took part in business ‘wars’ to gain the right of possession of Russia’s largest iron and steel enterprises. Aksen became the leader of the Izmaylovskaya organized criminal network after Malevsky died in a skydiving accident in the Republic of South Africa in 2001. 

Subsequently, Aksenov survived several business ‘wars’ with one of the most prominent being a battle against Orekhovskaya organized criminal network and a vor Zakhary Kalashov (aka Shakro Molodoy). From the late 1990s until the early 2000s, there were more than 5 assassination attempts on Aksen.

Aksen was low-profile, before Kalashov was arrested. However, after the country’s chief vor was put in prison for 10 years, Aksen became taking an active part in various vors’ gatherings where high-priority issues of the criminal world are discussed. 

In August this year, he was one of the organizers of a major vors’ convention in Moscow where Oleg Shiskanov (aka Shishkan) was appointed to a custodian of an ‘obochek’ (pooled cash fund used by thieves in case one is jailed) and a vor number 1. 



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