Thief Dzhemo seen in Latvia again

Thief Dzhemo seen in Latvia again
Dzhemal Mikeladze (Dzhemo)

This time, the thief in law scared off all the guests of a five-star hotel in Jurmala.

Yesterday, the thief in law Dzhemal Mikeladze (Dzhemo), 42, started a drunken brawl in an Italian restaurant located in one of the most expensive hotels in Jurmala. According to local media citing eyewitnesses, the mafia boss got in together with a few other people and started swearing at the guests in the Georgian language. According to the hotel guard, the company's behavior was inappropriate.

This has not been the first gaffe of the famous thief. Last month he vandalized a Riga restaurant getting into a fight with an internationally known money launder nicknamed Rak (Cancer), according to

It was then that many people found that a criminal, who must be kept in an Italian prison, is instead in a Baltic country, for some reason. Later, a source in the security police (Drošības policija, DP) told the publication that the thief lived in an elite cottage settlement in the Marupe region and another criminal lord, Sergei Vasin (Vyatlag), was his neighbor.

As a reminder, Russia formally passed Dzhemo to Italy earlier this year, where he was sentenced in absentia to 15 years in prison on charges of creating a criminal association, extortion, bribery, money laundering and falsification of documents. Therefore, as soon as Dzhemo was released from the Kemerovo colony in the spring of 2016, where he had been serving a term for illegal possession of weapons and drugs, he was detained. An Interpol arrest warrant for Mikeladze was issued at the request of Italy.

Russia could not send him out earlier since he had a Russian citizenship. However, later an inspection revealed that it had been issued in violation of the current legislation.

Interfax reported that the transfer of the wanted person took place in January 2017 at Sheremetyevo International Airport. However, nothing has been reported about him ever since. It is still unknown as to how he managed to get away with his crimes. Sources also reported that even after the extradition, the thief was seen walking the Italian streets.

Mikeladze has been stripped of his Russian citizenship and recognized unwelcome in Russia for life. However, there are other reasons he has been avoiding the country: the local criminal world has a number of questions to him. According to law enforcement agencies, Dzhemo was one of the thieves in law who confronted Aslan Usoyan (Ded Khassan) "the boss of all bosses", who was shot dead by a sniper in Moscow, 2013. Mikeladze has to travel around Latvia with guards because of this.

The spokesman of the Latvian Security Police told Delfi that the special services had been informed of the activities of said citizen, but no details have been given.



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