Thief Dato Agdzhabedinsky turns out to lead resistance against Guli

Thief Dato Agdzhabedinsky turns out to lead resistance against Guli
Dzhavid Mamedov (Dato Agdzhabedinsky)

Earlier it was believed that the main role in the clan of thieves united against Guli was played by Rafik Masallinsky, who takes revenge for the cut ear.⁠

The clan war against influential Azerbaijani thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli) is gaining momentum. It was started by four Azerbaijani criminals Rafik Eivazov (Rafik Masallinsky), Dzhavid Mamedov (Dato Agdzhabedinsky), Emin Akhmedov (Emin Adzhigabulsky) and Dzheikhun Askerov (Dzheikhun Gyandzhinsky). In addition, they enlisted support of a group of Sukhumi thieves in law, who were formerly part of Rovshan Dzhaniev's clan (Rovshan Lenkoransky, killed in the summer of 2016). The source of Rosbalt reports that it is Dato Agdzhabedinsky who leads the resistance, not Rafik Masallinsky, as it was previously thought.

People of Rafik Masallinsky have already eliminated several people from the environment of Guli. Thus, in April 2017 St. Petersburg saw Dzhabir Gasanov, who took part in the bloody massacre of Rafik in December 2016, being killed. Azerbaijani citizen Nazim Nusratov turned out to be the killer. A month later, in May of this year, an attempt was made in Odessa on two henchmen of Guli - Ilgam Gadzhiev and Oktai Arkhaly. In the beginning of September, one of Nadir Salifov's punishers, Elshan Mamedov, was killed in Tbilisi. He took the main part in the massacre of Rafik Eivazov.

It was Mamedov, who had the reputation of one of the most ruthless punishers of Guli, who invited Rafik Masallinsky to a restaurant where he set a table for him, and then arranged a demonstrative beating. The thief in law was severely beaten and his ear was cut off. At the same time, everything that was happening was filmed, and the video was later shown in certain circles. Rafik promised to take revenge on everyone who took part in the incident, so he was considered the leader in the opposing clan.

However, it has now become clear that the leader of the opposing clan is Dzhavid Mamedov (Dato Agdzhabedinsky). He negotiated with another criminal Raul Bartsba (Pyza) about support. The latter is now considered thief No. 1 in Abkhazia and is at odds with Nadir Salifov. Three representatives of Guli - thieves in law Rashad Ismailov, Niko Dgebuadze (Nika Gagrinsky) and Roman Dmitriev (Roma Stavropolsky) - tried to beat Pyza, but he managed to shoot off the attackers and wound them.

In addition, Dato Agdzhabedinsky enlisted the support of the Greek clan in the person of influential crime bosses David Sebiskveradze (Dato Kutaissky), Lasha Dzheladze (Racha) and Zaza Ambroladze (Zaza). They relied on Dzhavid Mamedov as a potential leader of the Azerbaijani mafia and crowned him. However, Guli did not agree with this, as he believed that only he could decide who of Azerbaijanis deserved to become a criminal. The gunmen of Salifov beat the entire entourage of Dato Agdzhabedinsky. "Now he has gained experience, he received a large support group, which is constantly replenished. It is time for a rematch," believes the source of Rosbalt.



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