Thief Chermen enters field of Yekaterinburg warehouse

Thief Chermen enters field of Yekaterinburg warehouse
Tamaz Gogoladze (Chermen)

Various crime groups cannot divide ‘inheritance’ of criminal Rovshan Lenkoransky murdered in summer.

Representatives of Georgian thief in law Tamaz Gogoladze nicknamed Chermen arrived in the Urals capital. He himself is currently serving a sentence for drug possession. In 2015 Solnechnogorsk Town Court sentenced him to 4 years. reports that the man of law claims a share on equal terms with many other people in revenue of vegetable warehouse №4 located in Yekaterinburg. Previously it was controlled by 53-year-old Agayar Agayev (Sedoy), the protege of thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lenkoransky) in the Urals. Marketeers of the warehouse (who are mainly Azerbaijanian expats) paid tribute literally from every bunch of parsley.

On August 18, 2016 Rovshan Lenkoransky was killed in an assassination attempt in Turkey. Immediately after that members of various criminal clans started to come to the Urals hoping to take the vacant position first.

The main thief in law of the country Shakro Molodoy, once at odds with Dzhaniev, sent his emissaries to the region as well. In the late summer of last year Yekaterinburg witnessed appearance of thief in law Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Avto) to whom some Azerbaijanian businessmen even managed to swear.

In addition, there were versions that Ural business trip of Avto was only to prepare the return of Gia Akoev (Gia Sverdlovsky), the nephew of last lived in Yekaterinburg and deceased in 2014 thief in law Timur Sverdlovsky. Akoev will soon be released from the prison. Later it was reported that Kobeshavidze intended to leave a successor, for which he was going to crown the local authority, known as Damir s Sortirovki.

In his turn another thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli) claimed about his rights for the warehouse. Despite the fact that Guli has not been seen in friendship with Rovshan Lenkoransky, Agayev began to represent his interests. Moreover, people from Guli, who is now serving time in a maximum security penal colony in Azerbaijan, also arrived in Yekaterinburg and mustered support among reputable Azerbaijanian businessmen.



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