Thief Aziz bribes himself free from justice

Thief Aziz bribes himself free from justice
Aziz Batukaev (to the left in the photo)

"The day will come when the people will know who accompanied Batukayev with honors on the red carpet", the ex-Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Kyrgyzstan promises.⁠

New details appeared in the case on the 'lawful' escape of Chechen thief in law Aziz Batukaev (Aziz) from the Kyrgyz prison to his homeland – Chechnya.

The notorious thief left the Naryn prison in early April, 2013 – so much time has passed, but questions about the scandalous release of the thief in law continue to arise. Aziz Batukaev, sentenced to almost 17 years in prison, was released by the decision of the Naryn City Court on the basis of documents provided by the lawyer of the thief in law. They stated that Batukaev was fatally ill and had little time to live.

That same evening the thief in law left Kyrgyzstan by Bishkek-Grozny flight. According to some information, the plane in which the criminal flew belongs to a very famous Chechen politician. After a while, it turned out that the results of the medical examination of the thief were forged, and therefore his release was found illegal, but it was too late – Aziz already enjoyed his stay in his homeland. The authorities of Kyrgyzstan, of course, tried to reverse the situation, but by that time it transpired that the law enforcement agencies of Chechnya had opened a criminal case against Batukayev on illegal possession of weapons. Officially, he is currently serving his term for this weapons case, however numerous witnesses say that the thief in law is not serving but arranges gatherings in the center of Grozny. At the same time, photos from obviously amusing events with Aziz's participation available to the public began to appear. It is said that one gathering witnessed Karyshkyr, Kirghiz successor of Batukayev, being crowned.

Aziz indulges in frolics and enjoys freedom, and Kyrgyzstan continues to discuss how easily the criminal deceived the judicial system. Recently, has published an entertaining interview with former Interior Minister of Kyrgyzstan and ex-chairman of the State Penitentiary Service Zarylbek Rysaliev, whose name, incidentally, was featured among those involved in the unlawful release of the thief in law. According to the former silovik, he had to deal with criminals of all stripes in his work. Including Aziz. Here is a part of the interview – very interesting from our point of view:

"Throughout my life I fought against felonies, detected various crimes, fought against criminals, thieves in law. In some cases, I had to talk to such people for the case. I will disclose one moment. I got a call from Aziz Batukaev and said the following: "I bought myself freedom according to the black and red laws. For me, a prison is the second home. I do not care if I am in a Kyrgyz or Russian prison. Deputies probably think that I will go to the central podium and tell everything. I am not a deputy to come to the microphone and talk. If you want, I am ready to come and be imprisoned again. But I paid for being free by the black and red laws. I am right. You understand the black and red laws".

Zarylbek Rysaliev added that Aziz had called him already when he had left the territory of Kyrgyzstan, that is, from Russia. It is curious and very reminiscent of the corruption connection: the thief in law knows by which number the chairman of the State Service for the Execution of Sentences is available, and explains to him that he is "right" because "he bought his freedom according to the black and red laws".

After the interview, Zarylbek Rysaliev promised that "the day will come when the people will know who accompanied Batukayev with honors on the red carpet":

"It will surely happen. I have a record of Batukaev's conversation. The day will come, and I will publish it", he concluded.

The CrimeRussia will report on the development of Aziz Batukaev’s case.



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