“They are cattle” – telephone conversations revealed background of firing on Rochdelskaya

“They are cattle” – telephone conversations revealed background of firing on Rochdelskaya

Records of conversations between Zhanna Kim, designer Fatima, security officers and other participants of the high-profile case occurred at disposal of Moskovsky Komsomolets (MK).

New details of events around the firefight at Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street, followed by the arrests of high-ranking officers of the Investigative Committee Maksimenko, Lamonov and Nikandrov, and also criminal leaders Shakro Molodoy (Kalashov) and the Italian (Kochuykov) have appeared. We are publishing printouts of the telephone conversations, which relate to the high-profile case. How has the war between two women - the owner of the restaurant on Rochdelskaya Joanna Kim and designer Fatima – begun?

You can not make an omelet without breaking eggs. And now 24-years-old detective of the Presnensky District’s Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ildar Shakirov has become an involuntary participant of the lethal and now-legendary (causing arrests of the Moscow’s Investigative Committee management and leaders of Russian mafia) firefight at Rochdelskaya Street. He was the one, who arrived on call to 02 and tried to reconcile the conflicting parties.

Ildar is currently in pre-trial detention center he faces up to 7 years under article Infliction of Death by Negligence on two or more persons”.

Could an ordinary detective stop mafia’s infightings?

From the MK’s file: “"Two groupings have cone into a conflict near Elements cafe on Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow — one was directed by lawyer Eduard Budantsev, the former employee of KGB of the USSR, another was headed by the Italian (Andrey Kochuykov), a confidant of Shakro Molodogo (Zakhar Kalashov). In the shootout, two people were killed, three wounded.

Unresolved monetary relations between the owner of Elements by Joanna Kim and designer Fatima, which was engaged in creation of interior in the establishment, is called the reason of the conflict. Kim accuses Italiyanets in extortion. Budantsev represented the restaurant’s owner’s interests at the moment of conflict.

Participants of the firefight have been arrested. In July of this year Zakhar Kalashov — Shakro Molodoy was also arrested.

The Deputy Head of the Moscow’s Directorate of the Investigative Committee Denis Nikandrov, the Head of the Directorate of Personal Security of ICR Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Aleksandr Lamonov were also arrested in July. According to investigators, they contributed to release of Italiyanets by participating in corruption schemes (as a result, thanks to actions of FSB, the Italian remained under arrest)".


On the disastrous day of 14th of December, 2015, the 02 received two calls from owner of the restaurant Elements Joanna Kim. She declared that three suspicious persons entered the establishment and two tens persons surrounded the restaurant.

The Group of immediate reaction (GIR) departed in a car with special signals on the first call. But the fighters have not even come in the restaurant, as they did not seen anything suspicious (the swells who surrounded the restaurant, immediately disappeared after seeing the car with a flasher).

Two people were sent on the second call, which appeared 20 minutes later, at 20:36 to be exact. Those were – local district police officer and detective of the group for combatting drugs of the criminal investigation office of the Presnensky District’s Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ildar Shakirov.

- Ildar was transferred to this police office two weeks before the firefight, - told his defender Eduard Oganyan. – The version that he was initially implemented by mafia in the body, was rejected at the first stage – billing of his phone and the security check of the Office of Personal Security of the MIA in Central Administrative District confirmed that he did not have anything in common with any of the groupings. Absolutely clean guy. But without much experience (in the police only a year and a half, was only promoted to the Lieutenant) and especially no experience in negotiating in tough situations. At the same time, he believes that he did everything possible to prevent armed conflict. 

Ildar is currently in pre-trial detention center No. 4 Medved' . Almost 7 months he is held behind bars. Telling from there that he does not understand at all, how could this happen that he became a suspected. The audio recording of negotiations could become the proof in this case. It could also tell what really have happened then at Rochdelskaya. Such record appeared at disposal of MK. So, here are some fragments of the conversation.


First scene. Joanna Kim and detective Ildar Shakirov. By this moment, three negotiators from the other side, which were presented by lawyers, were sitting in a VIP-zone of the restaurant sat, and no support group was on the street.

(K – Kim, D – detective).

D: Well, just our staff is very stupid. They just have not managed to detain them. Explain me what happened from the beginning, so I will report to the chief.

K: They came here, those three, called us outside, we did not go, than they called us to VIP.

D: Um–hum

K: While at the street, I looked, there were about 15 people, they were just standing still. As I was told, it was a Privet Security Company. Their people.

D: Um–hum. But they were with weapon? Did you see it? Yes?

K: Yes, armed.

D: They all were big? Russians? Not Russians?

K: Yes, in black leather jackets.

D: We will just do smart tomorrow. I will tell you what to do so it, first of all, does not happen again

K: Yes.

D: And so the staff (meaning GIR) take responsibility for missing the unknown people with weapon. And were they threatening you?

K: Yes, they were acting really arrogant, not telling who are they at all. Only one presented himself, when you were here, that he was a lawyer. So we were talking for an hour, I said: “Listen, I do not want to talk anymore. You came here, frightened people. What the hell?

D: And now what? Is it okay? The conversation is going peacefully?

K: Well, now they are waiting for their senior. They are cattle.

D: What are you planning to do in general?

K: Well, they made a claim that we need to pay them money. I told – Fatima, we paid money to her. Talk to her.

D: Well do you need my help now? No?

K: I think my guys will manage here. What do you think?

D: Well, I am not familiar with them, I don't know, but I hope. Here is my phone number, just in case…

K: Thank you. And when you arrived, they left, huh?

D: I just was not in time. While outs worked incorrectly. They should have detained them immediately. If they were there now, we would have delivered them where it is necessary. Did they threaten you with murder?

K: Firstly, they called several times, telling: “We will bring you where it is necessary if you don't arrive”. Then they told me that they will put me into trunk. Such talks begun.  And now they arrived.

D: So, they arrived. Did they wave their hands or anything?

K: Well. No. They just behaved arrogantly.

D: Give me a call if anything. You’ve got my number.


Second scene. Joanna Kim talking with one of her friends on the phone.

- Hallo. Hallo. Hi. Yeah, it’s just we had some works with designer here. We’ve been paying her large sums, and apparently she has not been paying anything to her contractors. They arrived now.  Surrounded the restaurant. Two minivan without license plates.

The police is here, our brother’s people are here. And those people took off and left. But those people are still sitting in the VIP-hall, demanding money. They present themselves as lawyers.

Well, yes, they came here illegally. They speak not as lawyers, but as cattle. She has just arrived [meaning designer Fatima]. She has been called. Well, now they ask her questions. She is saying that if I had paid her more, she would… But to be honest we had a phony contract. We both don’t have any rights…

...Several male voices (people of lawyer Eduard Budantsev and, apparently, he himself) and Joanna Kim (J – Joanna, M – male voice).

M: Are you an owner here?

J: Yes. We had a design of repair here. We had a designer, who was paid the money. The work was done poorly, I have suspended the payment of salaries.

M: Un-hmm.

J: After what they all packed up and left. I was finishing it by myself. Now three strange people came here.

M: Who are they exactly?

J: This one and those two, without documents. And 20 people in black clothes were at the street. When the police came they immediately left.

M: What is the issue? Are they extorting money?

J: They are discussing it. Yes.

M: What amount are they extorting?

J: 8 million.


Scene third. Conversation between Kim and Fatima. Women with they lawyers are analyzing the agreements they signed. (M - male voice, J - Joanna Kim, F - Fatima).

M: You did not answer the phone calls.

F: Well, show me at lest one fixed call which I did not answer.

M: In the court. If the case comes to court.

F: Show me please, I am ready to go to court. 

M: Don't take offense. Who constituted, who constituted it. I will split him into his face. 

F: Here is not a word about ventilation. You've got a separate agreement on ventilation. You have a right to go to court. 

J: Well, honey, I am sorry. You said that if my ventilation installers do not work, we won't finish in time. All the money were personally handed to you. The fact that you did not settle accounts - is absolutely your problem. 

F: Joannochka, Joanna, you have been settling accounts on ventilation directly. David concluded the agreement on ventilation with them... 


- By the time Ildar was leaving the restaurant, everybody were there, - lawyer Oganyan tells, - There were Joanna with her husband, with people of the ex-employee of the KGB Eduard Budantsev on the one side. There were Fatima with contractors, criminal leader Italiyanets to whom she subcontracted debt, and his two bodyguards — on the other.

By the way, according to Ildar, Kim was not familiar with Budantsev, she even decided that he came here with Shakirov. Budantsev’s people presented themselves to Ildar as former officer of the MIA, showed pension certificates, told that they also arrived on a call. The Acting Chief of a criminal investigation department Denis Romashkin drove up to Elements (he is a direct Head of Ildar, who was on friendly terms with him. He called him, and I told what was happenimg in the restaurant). There was a field investigator from a totally other area there — the MIA Office Zamoskvorechye - Artem Lavrov who was called by a certain private detective Fenichkin (and he was hired by Joanna Kim). Generally, at full strength!

Ildar made sure that both sides conduct civilized dialogue. He asked if they need help several times. They answered – no, everything is under control.

Ildar got into the police car and went on duty on (he had another call). But after a few minutes, he got call from Romashkin, who reported that the shooting started. He turned the car around and arrived on the scene. And the video shows that he pulled a gun and was going to shoot. That means, he did not escape and he was with his colleagues.

Besides Ildar, district police officer Rinat Zinnatulin was also accused of negligence, now he sits in the same pre-trial detention center, but in a different camera. Zinnatulina is considered guilty in the fact that he not only did not prevent the shooting, but waited for it in the restaurant (he came outside only after it was finished).

Police officers Romashkin and Lavrov were not charged with anything at the beginning. They were not on duty that day, were not in the prosecution of their's duty, did not arrive on the 02 call. So they were under the case as witnesses. But now, according to some information, the question of bringing them to responsibility is being discussed.

Employees of the Administration M of FSB have repeatedly come to Ildar in pre-trial detention center, offering to admit guilt in the fact that the shooting happened and people died. Promised him a suspended sentence. "He refused, because do not consider themselves guilty, - said Eduard. - And he doesn't understand how they can decide for the court what sentence will be imposed?!".

When there is big dismantling, people of most different "flight altitude" are brought up. Criminal leaders, private detectives, lawyers, veterans of intelligence agencies and, of course, the acting police officers. But the guardians of the rule of law have in fact minimal, even formal role.

And in the story with firefight on Rochdelskaya the field investigator Ildar was in some sense a supernumerary. But he, who left on the 02 call, will bear full responsibility for the incident.

Video: shooting on Rochdelskaya Street. Full version.



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