“The Urals must pay.” Thief in law Guli's emissary back in Sverdlovsk region

“The Urals must pay.” Thief in law Guli's emissary back in Sverdlovsk region

Sari Gadzhiyev left the Urals after a skirmish involving shooting.

Sari Gadzhiyev, representing the interests of thief in law Nadir Salifov, known as Guli, returned to the Sverdlovsk region. Previously, he left the region after a skirmish with shooting. As writes AiF Ural with reference to the source, Gadzhiyev will claim for the 'inheritance' of the former Vice-Mayor of Yekaterinburg, Konteyev, convicted for many years.

Entrepreneurs from the 4th vegetable warehouse know Gadzhiyev well, earlier he collected a tribute in favor of Guli. Now, he has returned with the same mission. At present, he is convincing businesspeople that “the Urals must pay” and warned that at the time, he “was talking in a friendly way,” but his tone may change.

“There has not been violence yet, but there is every possibility that 'tax' will be taken by force from someone ,” the source said.

During his two weeks in Yekaterinburg, Gadzhiyev has paid visits not only to Azerbaijani businesspeople at the 4th vegetable warehouse, but has also visited Zheleznodorozhny Trading House, which is now an LLC with full municipal participation.

In other words, the enterprise is part of the municipal base. At one time, it was created by the Vice-Mayor of Yekaterinburg Viktor Konteyev for partial control over the flows of the base, which he de facto owned. Now the LLC is headed by Director Yevgeny Kravchenko, who worked during Konteyev's tenure.

Gadzhiyev reminded entrepreneurs of a story from the mid-2000s when Kravchenko's large county house suddenly burnt down. Then, the incident, according to some reports, occurred due to a conflict with Glazyrin, better known by the nickname Glaz, who was a 'fixer,' hitman from the criminal retinue of Konteyev.

According to the source, someone is ready to pay Guli out of prestige, as was done during the time of Rovshan Lenkoransky, but many still refuse.

Sari Gadzhiyev is a well-known figure in the Sverdlovsk region. He is a relative of Ikram Gadzhiyev, who was shot dead in 2011 in Sulimova Street.

Gadzhiyev left Yekaterinburg after a skirmish with shooting at Karavan cafe. Then the owner of the establishment, Aziz, was injured, he turned to the Department for Combating Organized Crime of the regional head office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Afterwards, Gadzhiyev hastily left the city. Now his position in Yekaterinburg is precarious.



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