The press "buried" mafia boss Petrik 

The press "buried" mafia boss Petrik
Petrik with friends

The media mixed the crime lord up with a Zaporozhye mafia boss.

On Friday, the media reported that two hitmen brutally killed thief in law Alexei Petrov, 56, known as Petrik and Lyonya Khitry.

The message was spread by REN TV and had a video of the murder. However, those who know a little something about mafia, see clearly that it was not Petrik at all. The journalists must have been confused by the similarity between the names of the men.

According to The CrimeRussia, on August 1, local mafia boss Alexei Petrov, also known in criminal circles as Petrik, was brutally murdered in Zaporizhye. It was him that the press took for Petrov.


According to some source, Petrov was in charge of dealing with the waste from industrial enterprises, which are dumped at Black Mountain. Up until 2000, Alexey Petrov had been a member of the well-known Franz’s criminal gang. Recently, he allegedly retired and has lived in the private sector in the village of Votomaisky.



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