The arrest of Shishkan - what destroyed chief crime boss? 

The arrest of Shishkan - what destroyed chief crime boss?
Shishkan's fate is at stake Photo: The CrimeRussia

Detention of the authoritative thief in law Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan) was a complete surprise. It would seem that the mob of lower rank would face the recently adopted anti-thievish law. However, his title wasn't the real reason for the detention. Someone is bothering about the assets transferred to the mob after the disappearance of the Ramenskoe deputy, or Shishkan’s participation in the garbage business, or the land theft in the Moscow region.

On Sunday, July 14, late in the evening, at about 11:30 pm, the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, with the support of the special forces, attacked Oleg Shishkanov, the thief in law Shishkan/Oleg Ramensky, near Moscow. 

In 2015, he was searched with the help of helicopters within the case of the missing deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Ramenskoe District, Tatiana Sidorova and three members of her family. Second, after the adoption of the anti-thievish law, Shishkan was the first candidates for imprisonment. However, the mob was sure that none would touch him. Therefore, he most likely did not expect the security officials to visit his home.

Several dozen militants rushed to his rescue with a whole train of SUVs. However, when they saw the special forces soldiers on the spot, only the most desperate tried to prevent the security forces from penetrating the house, the rest chose to drive past. One of them was a 41-year-old entrepreneur, Eduard Khorkov, who, trying to break through to the minibus in which his boss was located, even staged a fight with one of the operatives of the Main Directorate of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and broke his leg. He was neutralized. Also, a criminal case was initiated against him under Article 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Authorities).

Эдуард Хорьков

Eduard Khorkov

Lawyer Alexander Vershinin, who arrived a little later, saw the battle at Shishkan's house. However, the mob has already been taken to the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee. The lawyer went after him, but he could only reach him at six in the morning, By that time the mob had already been interrogated for 5 hours.

The next day, Vershinin said in an interview that his client’s name was Oleg Medvedev (Shishkanov changed his last name several years ago), and now he is in the status of a suspect according to the recently introduced article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Occupying a Higher Position in the Criminal Hierarchy). As the lawyer noted, Shishkanov-Medvedev once served his sentence, then he was given the highest status, based on which this criminal case appeared. It was initiated only the day before, on July 13.


Oleg Nikolaevich Shishkanov was born on July 19, 1964 in the Moscow region town of Ramenskoye. Already at the age of 18, he was imprisoned for 10 years on charges of rape and murder - Shishkan took someone else’s blame. In conclusion, Shishkanov quickly moved up the criminal career ladder and became the underboss at ITK-11. After his release, he was crowned in 1992 by thieves in law Maharbek Kargaev (Ruslan) and Valery Dlugach (Globus) in the capital's Izmaylovskaya hotel. It is known that the coronation of Shishkan was personally approved by Vyacheslav Ivankov (Japonchik). In the 1990s, Shishkan headed the Ramenskaya organized criminal group and supervised the activities of the Lyubertskaya organized criminal group until the bloody conflict, when the Lyubertskaya refused to pay tribute to the thieves' common fund. Within a short time, several leaders were killed. An attempt was also made on Shishkan. The mob survived. In the summer of 2018, he was chosen to replace crime mob Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy).

At the same time, given the scale of Shishkan’s personality, many alternative versions of the reasons for his detention immediately appeared. For example, the disappearance of deputy Tatiana Sidorova on the night of February 20-21, 2012. Her 73-year-old husband, who ran a local agricultural firm, a 28-year-old son and a 64-year-old sister, disappeared with her. The deputy’s driver who came to their home in the village of Malakhovo found bloody footprints and scattered clothes in the yard of her house and on the porch. There were no people in the mansion. Their bodies were also not found. Nevertheless, the investigation considered that all of them were abducted and killed, and Shishkanov, with whom she had a conflict, could have masterminded the crime. Witnesses reported that on the eve of the family’s disappearance, the right hand of Shishkan, a certain Egor, appeared at Sidorova’s office and night other mob's assistants were noticed.

Дом Сидоровой

Дом Сидоровой

Sidorova's house

The other day it became known that the investigators in the case of the abduction of Sidorova and her family are planning to put Egor E., known as Pan Ataman and Egorka, on the wanted list. Rosbalt reports with reference to sources in law enforcement. The information reached Pan Ataman, who disbanded his gang and promptly left Russia. A week later, his wife disappeared. But Shishkanov was sure that he would not be arrested.

It is known that Egor began his career as a personal driver of Shishkanov. However, he quickly grew in the hierarchy of the Ramenskaya gang, becoming the chief assistant of the mob. He was responsible for economic issues. In particular, Pan Ataman represented the interests of the thief in law in Plemzavod Ramenskoye CJSC, co-owner of which was MP Sidorova. The company received 4.5 billion rubles of loans from Vnesheconombank (VEB) for the reconstruction. However, no more than 10-15% of this amount was spent to work, and the henchmen of Shishkan took the rest. Sidorova, who planned to tell about the actions of the gang and allegedly received threats from Egor, disappeared with her family. 

In turn, the man from the environment of Shishkan denied all suspicions about him. According to him, he knows people who spoke with Sidorova after her “disappearance.” They assure that they are okay. She doesn’t want to answer questions about the use of billions in loans, and that is what happened.

Татьяна Сидорова

Tatiana Sidorova

Now it will be revealed why Shishkan was not arrested earlier, Rosbalt reports. 

As The CrimeRussia has written earlier, ICR employees came to one of the estates of Shishkan on March 2, 2012, two weeks after the disappearance of the deputy and her family. Allegedly “by mistake with the cadastral numbers of the plots” they searched the actual place of residence of his daughter, and of did not find anything. In the autumn of 2015, in the framework of the investigation of the same case, a large-scale operation was carried out with the participation of the forces of the GUUR of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Moscow region, and even two helicopters. They inspected the area near the cottage of the thief in law. Despite the evidence that Shishkan was at home, the special forces broke into the room and did not find him there: the mob managed to escape abroad before they appeared after that Shishkan was put on the operational search, although, as it turned out later, he didn’t hide for long and soon returned to Russia, where he lived quietly in his house in Ramenskoye.

Lawyer Vershinin called all charges of murder of the deputy and members of her family nonsense. However, he also described the newest accusations the same. When asked whether Shishkan was a thief in law, Vershinin replied: “No, these are all evil tongues, the Internet and cops, who are cursing.”

Александр Вершинин

Alexander Vershinin 

At a meeting on the election of a measure of restraint to Shishkan, which took place in the Basmanny court the next day after his detention on July 15, investigator Kholmitsky reported that the case against the thief in law was initiated based on materials separated from several murder proceedings. In addition, from 1992 to this day, Shishkanov (Medvedev) "coordinates the activities of organized criminal groups in the Moscow region, creates and maintains links between these gangs, participates in the division of spheres of criminal influence and criminal proceeds, creates conditions for the commission of crimes ”, and in addition, ensures the “coalescence of interests of criminals and officials in government”. He also added that the mob receives income from illegal activities - the organization of gambling, extortion, fraud, the organization of prostitution, and illicit drug trafficking. He and his assistants "established control over the financial activities of some legal entities: Zorka, Yarmarka, Okean, Finkonsalt, Clean City, Management Company Plus, Diligence Firm, Dorstroysintez, and Ramenskoe GOK LLCs.

At the court hearing, the investigator studied Shishkan as a criminal leader, recalling that during his imprisonment he, “keeping in touch with other convicts, got an idea of ​​the criminal hierarchy, that is, the system of connections of people who share the values ​​of thief culture. Besides, the investigator said how Shishkanov was crowned. According to him, a year after his release, he organized a meeting with people in the Izmailovsky hotel complex who crowned him. At this meeting, Shishkanov passed a kind of exam on "knowledge of the rules and traditions of the criminal environment," confirmed his ability to coordinate people, build ties and resolve conflicts, the investigator said.

Шишкан в 90-е

Shishkan in the 90s

When detained, Medvedev “categorically refused to undress and take part in the examination for the drawings depicted on him,” the investigator noted. Meanwhile, this procedure was necessary for the precise determination of its criminal status. After all, it is known that mobs tattoed thieves stars on their shoulders as a distinctive sign. A mosaic in the form of such a star was found on the bottom of the pool in the house of the suspect. “Yes, in my opinion, this is the usual wind rose,” the lawyer retorted. “We did read the books.”

In general, Shishkanov (Medvedev) behaved quite freely, and laughed loudly during the speech of the investigator and interrupted his speech with exclamations “Comedy!”. Answering one of the questions at the beginning of the meeting, he noted that he was not on the record. Later he added that he does not understand what he is accused of. “The word hierarchy... I know Russian a little, and for me, this word is from the Stirlitz film. There was Hitler, Borman, Muller, and it was a hierarchy. But in relation to me - I do not understand what it is,” said Shishkanov. He knows all kinds of criminal authorities that the investigator asked him about during interrogation, as he saw their funeral was shown on all TV channels in due time. That proves nothing.

“As far as women are concerned, yes, I am a sinner,” Shishkan sneered, “having given birth to five children, I only thought whom I could rob or kill.”

“A daughter of sixteen years old was reduced to a nervous breakdown: they say I am a cannibal, took the whole Moscow region, raped and ate some woman,” the lawyer turned to the complaints.

Шишканов на суде

Shishkanov at court

Medvedev said that he would not run away from his children. “I don't keep the golden mountains anywhere,” he noted. “I do not buy London Arsenal; I do not buy Chelsea. I don’t have any mansions or offshore companies. By the time I was 55, I hadn’t got such a fat face as Reimer (former director of the Federal Penitentiary Service).” 

As The CrimeRussia has found out earlier, his son Ivan is currently studying at one of the leading universities in Britain - The University of Warwick, with an annual tuition fee of about $35.000. He also received his school education at the Royal School in Canterbury (The King's School, Canterbury), which is considered to be the oldest school in the world, founded in 597.

Иван Шишканов (крайний слева)

Ivan Shishkanov (leftmost) with fellow students

Shishkanov's house is also not the most modest in the Ramenskoe district of the Moscow region. According to Rosreestr, the land plot at this address (Furmanova, 6) with a total area of ​​5527 sq. m. is estimated at 16.8 million rubles. It is registered on Lily Strokina - his common-law spouse.

Дом Шишкана

Shishkan's house

The lawyers of the thief in law are Alexander Vershinin and Alexey Kirsanov, who also work together in the case of ex-minister Mikhail Abyzov. Vershinin previously represented the interests of Colonel of the ICR Mikhail Maksimenko, convicted in the case of bribes from representatives of the criminal world, Major of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Denis Evsyukov and other thieves - Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik) and Yuri Pichugin (Pichuga). Kirsanov worked in the case of a Petersburg billionaire, Dmitry Mikhalchenko.

According to Kirsanov, the ICR initiated a case on the basis of operational information from the Main Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which were compiled “on the basis of data from the Internet”; there are references links on specific sites, which he described as “waste tanks with compromising material”. At the same time, the argument of the investigation that Medvedev was the object of operational inspections in cases 15 times, instead speaks in favor of the mob, since it turns out that his involvement was not confirmed.

Shishkan became the thief in law in the early 90s, Sidorova allegedly associated with him disappeared in 2012, and he is being detained only now. At the same time, during all these years nothing prevented Shishkan from leading more than an active lifestyle - to be the owner of the Saturn football club, which reached the Premier League and took part in the Russian Championship, officially run a business, and have quite respectable acquaintances - Valery Gazzaev and numerous stars of show business, Senator Valery Aksakov. Shishkan is well acquainted with the former Head of the Ramenskoye district, Vladimir Demin, as well as with the heads of the district police department, Andrey Antipov and the current one, Vasily Sonin.

Валерий Газзаев и Олег Шишканов

Valery Gazzaev and Oleg Shishkanov

According to insiders, the cause of the arrest is his interest in the garbage business, which recently entered the zone of instability, after President Vladimir Putin signed the decree on the creation of a single garbage operator. The same anonymous sources of VChK-OGPU Telegram channels say that Shishkanov was detained at the personal request of Moscow Region Governor Andrey Vorobyov. By the way, disappeared deputy Tatiana Sidorova owned a quarry in Ramenskoye district, which was then sold to Shishkan. Then co-owners from the regional administration appeared at the quarry, but Shishkan was an inconvenient and uncompromising partner, both in this project and in others. Also, he defended the interests of his friend Gavriil Yushvaev (Garik Makhachkala), who is now hiding in Turkey after the battle in Moscow City. So, the mob had disagreements with the leader of the Podolskaya organized criminal group, Sergey Lalakin (Luchok), and some security officials.

3-й (слева направо) Гавриил Юшваев (Гарик Махачкала), 4-й Алексей Суворов (Петрик), 6-й Олег Шишканов (Шишкан).jpg

3rd (from left to right) Gavriil Yushvaev (Garik Makhachkala), 4th Alexey Suvorov (Petrik), 6th Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan)

According to others, the interest of Shishkan and Yushvaev to the landfills was separated with thief in law Dmitry Chanturia (Miron), who friends with Luchok. Sources of The CrimeRussia note that after the anti-thievish law adoption, MUR employees received a list of thieves in law against whom the operative measures cannot be carried out. The list includes Tyurik, Vasya Voskres, Miron, Vagif and Osetrina. The main beneficiary of this list was Dmitry Chanturia. Others are at risk.

Another version appeared soon - a classified witness in the case of embezzling special lands in the Chekhov district of the Moscow region told about the role of the thief in law in the criminal scheme. According to RBC, the witness, passing under the fictitious name Apraksin, said that he carefully communicated with senior officials in the administration of the Chekhov district and he became aware of the scheme of his interaction with criminal structures. Thus, according to the witness, Yulia Ivanova, who was Anna Khaibullina, the deputy head of the Ramenskaya cadastral chamber, was introduced to entrepreneur Nikolay Pavlinov (arrested in August 2017 as the main person involved) on Shishkan’s recommendation. According to Apraksin, money from the common fund was spent for the approval of the Ivanova's candidacy.


Nikolay Pavlinov

In turn, Khaibullina, as noted in the case file, was a protege of the Ramenskaya organized criminal group for carrying out illegal actions in the territory of the Ramenskoye district in terms of cadastre of land plots. She acquainted Ivanov with Pavlinov, the secret witness told. The meeting was held in the Vityaz ice palace in Chekhov, where Pavlinov had an office. Pavlinov’s assistant, Oleg Strekalov, is now put on the wanted list, was also there. After the meeting, Ivanova headed the cadastral chamber of the Chekhov district and then became deputy head of the local tax inspectorate. Strekalov and his accomplices signed false documents, based on which cadastral procedures were carried out, the investigation believes. Ivanova was also responsible for ensuring all transfers of land.

The CrimeRussia has already written about this case. Shishkan could have been associated with Nikolay Pavlinov, who lives almost next door - in the Chekhov district, he was considered to be an active member of the Chekhovskaya organized criminal group close to the more famous Podolskaya grouping. He is better known as Pavlin, or KolYa (stress on the last syllable).

Officially, Pavlin supervised the activities of many organizations, including the Vityaz sports club network, which included the eponymous hockey club and martial arts club. Boxers Denis Lebedev and Alexander Povetkin came to the court on the election of a preventive measure.

Олег Стрекалов

Oleg Strekalov

Nevertheless, his gang was able to appropriate the land plots, as well as buildings and structures that are federal property and the property of the Chekhov district of the Moscow region worth almost 300 million rubles. Even before the completion of the investigation into the main criminal case, six alleged gang participants received sentences in a special order in the Chekhov and Serpukhov city courts, who appointed them to three to five years in prison. All of them will now appear as witnesses for the prosecution in the main process. Earlier it was reported that 12 people were involved in the case, including the former heads of the Chekhov district, Sergey Yudin, and Anatoly Chibeskov.

The Chekhov scheme of embezzlement of federal lands was that: the defendants provided fake rulings to Rosreestr, put the land on cadastral records, and then received certificates of ownership. Then these land plots were resold to frontmen. They used a false seal of the Chekhov administration. Frauds were carried out with the lands of the Ministries of Defense, Forestry, Rosavtodor, some of the land plots had the status of specially protected areas.  

By the way, the head of Chekhov's MIA, Andrey Bolshakov, was checked as a suspect. In January 2019, a search was conducted in his office and at the place of residence. 

Андрей Большаков

Andrey Bolshakov

However, nothing was found. The State Committee of the ICR for the Moscow region launched a criminal case under Art. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal Possession of Weapons), and the Babushkinsky District Court of Moscow chose a preventive measure against the officer in the form of a ban on specific actions - he should not leave his house at night and communicate with witnesses in the case. 

Meanwhile, the detention of Shishkan is no longer just alarm, but a mighty blow for all the rest of the mobs. He is already the third thief in law, who was brought to criminal responsibility under the new anti-thievish law, which was approved in April of this year. As the conflictologist, writer Mikhail Orsky suggested, the detention of Shishkanov may be a pretext for "the destruction of Slavic thieves," which threatens to be replaced by foreign "authorities." According to Orsky, there are 441 thieves in law in Russia now; most of them are Georgians (251). There are only 52 Russians, and some of them are already in prisons. According to the specialist in criminal culture, journalist Alexander Sidorov, the arrest of Shishkan will seriously affect the balance of power. “Although he is not eliminated, as his power will remain prisons, it will be a serious term. After such a blow, he will be pressed,” said Sidorov.


Dmitry Chanturia

The arrest of Shishkan undoubtedly aroused mafia circles. First, they were convinced of the effectiveness of the anti-thievish law, and now they are wondering who will be next, especially against the background of deteriorating relations between Russia and Georgia. Secondly, the common fund remained without supervision. First, they arrested and imprisoned one of his holders, Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), and now Shishkan. You can also recall the arrest of Kakha Parpalia (Kakha Galsky). It turns out that anyone who claims to be the holder of the common fund is in danger of arrest soon. At the same time, there is a risk of losing even the fund. According to Rosbalt, law enforcement officers failed to find it during the arrest of Shishkanov.

Nevertheless, the mobs have now begun to work out the issue of transferring the common fund to a safe country, for example, to Turkey. Accordingly, its holder will also be located there. So, the treasury has long been outside of Russia. Its holder is a relative of Shakro, mob Revaz Kakhmazov (Rezo Lotkinsky) decided to leave and, as it turned out, for a good reason - in May of this year he was put on the international wanted list.


The further fate of the common fund will be decided at a gathering, which will take place, not in Russia. Of course, the version covering Dmitry Chanturia is right. Miron could avenge Shishkan for his debunking in 2014, in which he participated. Secondly, he had been willing to take the throne. So, who is next? 



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