Tengulyash Sukhumsky’s allies resist arrest and flee

Tengulyash Sukhumsky’s allies resist arrest and flee
Tengiz Lakerbaya (Tengulyash Sukhumsky)

The thief in law was detained and put into a temporary detention facility.

The Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Abkhazia detained Tengiz Lakerbaya, 36, known in the underworld as the thief in law Tengulyash Sukhumsky, the Department reported in a press release.

Lakerbaya was put on the wanted list on October 1 after a fight in Rinna Restaurant in Sukhumi on September 25, when the thief struck Stanislav Apsava, 41, with a can. He was accused of Hooliganism (part 2 of Art. 207 of the Criminal Code).

"A few individuals" reportedly resisted the arrest, which resulted in a "physical confrontation". Those who resisted and managed to run away are now wanted. Raids and operational measures are being conducted in Sukhumi.

Tengiz Lakerbaya was thief-crowned in 2013 at a Turkish gathering together with Erik Dzhaginyan, Mamuk Oniani, Evgeny Veselkin and Gleb Ashumov. In April 2015, Ara Muradyan aka Ara Armavirsky discrowned Tengulyash Sukhumsky. In 2016, the thief in law served a prison term for illegal drug possession in the Krasnodar region.



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