Ten mobs detained in Georgia

Ten mobs detained in Georgia

They face up to 10 years in prison.

The police of the cities of Tbilisi and Adjara detained ten people on suspicion of belonging to the thieves' world, in particular, all the detainees participated in the thievish gathering. First Deputy Minister Kakhaber Sabanadze stated at a briefing.

According to him, the detainees intimidated people, forcibly took money from them and held thieves' gatherings in different regions of the country.

Along with ten detainees, Georgian thief in law Mindia Goradze, known as Lavasoglu Batumsky, was charged. Sabanadze specified that he is not currently in Georgia, but collected enough evidence against him. The mob faces imprisonment from 9 up to 15 years, and ten detainees - from 7 to 10 years.

Earlier it was reported that participants in the thieves' gathering, including a representative from Goradze Koba, were detained in Odessa. According to sources, Koba tried to negotiate with representatives of thief in law Antimoz Kukhilava (Antik) on joint control over the south of the Odessa region. In fact, these territories are controlled by another shot caller - Oleg Popescu, nicknamed Oleg Reniysky, Mindia Goradze is also negotiating with him through his representatives.



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