Tayvanchik tells how Kobzon gets him out of prison

Tayvanchik tells how Kobzon gets him out of prison
Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov and Joseph Kobzon

The famous singer turned to executives of MIA of the USSR to help Tokhtakhunov.

Russian entrepreneur Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov known as Tayvanchik within criminal circles has told about his friendship with Joseph Kobzon in his interview with Lenta.ru.

Tokhtakhunov recalled how the singer had helped get him out of prison in 1972 when Tayvanchik had got 1 year behind bars for violation of passport regime. Kobzon interfered in the situation, and the ‘authority’ was released ahead of the schedule.

“Back then, I already had friends within the show-business, and it was really Kobzon who had factored into my release. He and Yury Antonov even put on a concert for militia employees, but it didn’t help. Then, Joseph Davydovich Kobzon turned to executives of MIA of the USSR in Moscow. First, they raised a refusal, but then, they checked me and found nothing, and it became possible to shorten the term. Kobzon interceded for me a lot; he told them I was not the person they thought I was, despite the fact that I played at cards. By the way, Sofia Rotaru interceded for me, as well,” Tokhtakhunov told.

Kobzon had repeatedly been called a person close to the criminal world of Russia. In 1995, the USA revoked the singer’s visa due to his possible involvement in “illegal operations with a pill amenable to control.” There was a theory that Kobzon had ties to the so-called ‘Russian mafia’.

Joseph Kobzon passed away on August 30, 2018, at the age of 80. Tayvanchik was present at the singer’s funeral.



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