Taro’s sentence reduced. Mafia boss to be released and deported

Taro’s sentence reduced. Mafia boss to be released and deported

An influential kingpin gets out of jail.

A few days after serving the sentence, influential mafia boss Tariel Oniani (Taro) gets out of jail. The kingpin’s prison sentence was reduced.

Having learned about it, the FSIN immediately tried to impose a 3-year administrative supervision on Taro. However, the court rejected the FSIN’s intention, since Oniani is subject to deportation from Russia, as a person whose stay in the territory of the Russian Federation is considered undesirable. Upon release, he will be deported.

In July 2010, Moscow’s Khamovnichesky Court found Oniani guilty of kidnapping and extortion; he received 10 years in prison. Given the time spent in custody during the investigation, Taro was supposed to be released on June 11, 2019. However, it turned out that back in 2017, the crime boss managed through court to reduce the sentence to 9 years and 10 months. The new date of his release in the FSIN documents is April 9, 2019. That is, in a week.

It is to be recalled that Spain placed Oniani on the wanted list for the money laundering and creation of a criminal community. It would make sense if he is deported to Spain. However, sources of Rosbalt tend to believe that he is being deported to Georgia.

About the changes that might occur in the criminal world with Taro’s release, you can read tomorrow on CrimeRussia.



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