Taro - released from prison - to heighten fight for #1 ‘thief throne’ 

Taro - released from prison - to heighten fight for #1 ‘thief throne’
Tariel Oniani (aka Taro)

As soon as he’s deported, Taro might find himself in Turkey where he’ll be able to operate the processes occurring in Russia’s criminal world from.

Thief in law Tariel Oniani (aka Taro) who’s expected to be released from prison in a week has a chance to avoid another arrest and resume the fight for the title of #1 ‘thief’. 

The ‘thief’ was sentenced in July 2010 for 10 years on charges of abduction and extortion. Taking into consideration the period of time he had spent in the remand prison during the investigation, he was supposed to be released on June 11, 2019. However, in 2017, Taro reduced his term through the court; and now his term is 9 years and 10 months. So, the new date of his release indicated in the documents of the Federal Service for Corrections is April 9, 2019. Now, he’s in a colony of a special regime Chyorny delfin (Black dolphin) located in Orenburg region.

Nevertheless, as soon as he’s released, Taro will face deportation from Russia. Before that, the Federal Service for Corrections had tried to impose 3 years’ administrative supervision for Oniani. In that case, the ‘thief’ had to register himself twice a month at internal affairs agencies according to place of residence, as well as necessarily be at home from 10 pm to 6 am. Rosbalt notes that the necessity of these measures was explained by the thief’s ongoing violations during his term. He saved 253 of them: this is why he had been placed in an isolation cell twice and in a punitive confinement 8 times.

The Federal Service for Corrections justified the necessity of the supervision for Oniani as follows:

“He’s got no incentives. From 10/21/2014, he’s been on preventives registers as the leader of organized groups of negative orientation, and as the party who adversely affects other inmates. He has repeatedly been recognized as the worst offender of the determinate order of service of sentence. At the present time, he’s placed in strict conditions. He’s not involved in socially useful activity. He doesn’t keep in touch with relatives on a permanent basis. He’s not being polite and correct while communicating with representatives of the prison authorities by airing grievance as to the custodial regime. He is reserved, impudent, unsociable and cunning. He supports the criminal subculture,” the materials of the Federal Service for Corrections that arrived at the court stated.

Захарий Калашов (Шакро Молодой)

Zakhary Kalashev (aka Shakro Molodoy)

However, in July, 2018, deputy minister of Justice of the Russian Federation issued an order under which Oniani was recognized as the party unwanted in the territory of Russia. It means as soon as he’s released, he’s going to be deported. Where to? This is the number one issue for the ‘thief’ now.

The thing is Oniani is being searched for by Spain for money laundering and creation of an organized crime group. It means he can easily be taken to a Spanish prison from the Russian one.

Nevertheless, sources of Rosbalt believe that Oniani is likely to be taken to Turkey. If it happens, Taro has a chance to stay out of jail and move to a country which would be safe for him - for instance, Turkey that favours the ‘thiefs’.

Taro is expected to gather a global ‘convention’ in this case - just like Shakro Molodoy did when he returned from Spain to Armenia in 2015. This is going to ‘revive’ his clan instantly and allow him to gain strength.

As a result, Oniani - who is at liberty by the time - will aggravate the situation around the title of the number one ‘thief in law’ occupied by Zakhary Kalashev (aka Shakro Molodoy) until recently. The issue related to the search of the successor emerged when it became obvious that he faced a long term - this what eventually happened: last year, Kalashev was sentenced to almost 10 years in a colony.

Nevertheless, Oleg Shishkanov (aka Shishkan) - who had been chosen as the successor - hasn’t showed himself, yet. The fact that Shakro was not sent to a ‘red zone’ of Krasnoyarsk region, but to Krasnodar region he’s good familiar with means that he’ll be able to operate the processes occurring in Russia’s criminal world. And more importantly, there’s a chance he would want to get the status of the number one ‘thief in law’ back from there. In this case, Oniani who claims this titles since the times of Ded Khasan would not stay away.



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