Tahi wins prizes from "trash-cop paper impossible to read" 

Tahi wins prizes from "trash-cop paper impossible to read"
Georgy Uglava aka Tahi

Georgy Uglava aka Tahi has not been wasting his time in prison taking part in newspaper contests not without winning exclusive prizes.

It turned out that the Trans Baikal criminal boss is subscribed to Vechorka newspaper that he himself refers to as nothing but "a trash-cop paper that doesn’t write anything good and is impossible to read".

Earlier, the "trash-cop paper" had held a contest among the readers giving away a book called Mirror among other prizes. The book was written in prison by Dmitry Vedernikov (Vedera), the leader of Metsenatovsky gang, who said that if there was anything surprising about the Vechorka contest it was that the thief in law had actually taken part in it.


"What surprised me was not that Tahi won the book (although it was quite unexpected) but something else. I would like to ask Georgy Omarovich himself as to why he and his friends had been saying that bullshit that Vechorka does not write anything good and is impossible to read and it’s a trash-cop paper, and meanwhile he is a subscriber himself. There may be two possible conclusions: either Georgy Omarovich is an undercover cop, or he has a very perverted soul," Vechorka quoted Vedernikov.

We should remind that the relationship between the two Trans Baikal criminal leaders are quite rocky, to put it mildly. In the 90’s, Tahi cherished an idea to take out the leaders of Osinovskaya gang, whose fighting wing was Metsenatovsky gang. Once in jail, Metsenatovsky leader Dmitry Vedernikov claimed that Tahi’s men had threatened to kill him and his family.



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