Sych Kazansky gets away with crime for ₽40 million  

Sych Kazansky gets away with crime for ₽40 million
Roman Sychev

Security forces are concerned.

Security forces are perturbed by the acquittal in the case regarding Roman Sychev, known in the underworld as Roma Sych (Owl) Kazansky. Some reports claim that the thief accused of illegal large-scale weapon and drug possession managed to get away with the crime for 40 million rubles, distributed among the officials, who could have a say in the verdict.

Let us recall that the 39-year-old thief in law had been arrested on January 28, 2016 in the Moscow region. When searched, the Kazan thief turned out to be carrying 2.5 grams of spice and a TT pistol with 3 cartridges. Criminal cases under Art. 222 and Art. 228 of the Criminal Code were initiated so the crime boss could face a grave term of up to 10 years.

The special operation to catch Sychev and his accomplices was conducted on a highway. On 88 km of M-7 Volga road police pulled over a foreign car driven by the kingpin.

According to the CrimeRussia, Roman Sychev was crowned by a group of ‘Slavic thieves in law’: Mukha (Fly), Kostyl (Crutch), Pan (Polish gentleman) and Serega Samarsky in 2015. Shishkan Ramensky reportedly was also one of the guests at the inauguration ceremony of Roma Sych.

Video: Thief in Law Sych Kazansky arrested near Moscow



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