Supreme Court to review sentence of thief in law Pichuga’s gang member

Supreme Court to review sentence of thief in law Pichuga’s gang member
Makhach Azizov

The prosecutor's office found the punishment of Makhach Azizov too lenient.

to a member of the organized crime group of thief in law Yury Pichugin (Pichuga), Makhach Azizov, reports BNK. The prosecutor's office considered the punishment in the form of seven years in a high-security colony and a fine of 600 thousand rubles ($9 thousand) imposed on Azizov to be too lenient.

Azizov was found guilty of participating in a criminal group and an armed gang, as well as murder. In court, a representative of the prosecutor's office asked for 10 years in prison with a fine of 800 thousand rubles ($12 thousand) for him.

As a member of Pichuga's gang, Azizov won over new members, monitored discipline and conspiracy, and also personally reported to the crime lord and for several years controlled the common cash fund of the group. He was also charged with organizing the murder of 26-year-old businessman Igor Nikolayev in January 2005.

In 2003-2004, Nikolayev received food products for sale from a businessman from Nizhny Novgorod, but failed to sell them. Pichugin found out about this and instructed crime boss Alexander Khlybov (Sasha Bely) to find the young businessman and draw a refund out of him. Nikolayev was found and arranged a meeting with members of Pichuga's gang in a Syktyvkar cafe. The entrepreneur recognized the debt and promised to pay it off as soon as possible. However, he did not fulfill his promise, and the debt to the businessman from Nizhny Novgorod was repaid from the common fund of the group. Pichugin demanded that Nikolayev return the money.

In December 2003, a conflict occurred between a man from Nikolayev’s entourage and a businessman, who monthly transferred large sums to Pichuga's organized crime group for providing a 'roof,' at Shumakher club in Syktyvkar. A businessman’s acquaintance that intervened in the quarrel received a penetrating wound in the stomach. The businessman complained to Makhach Azizov, who informed Pichugin about it. The thief in law gave the order to kill Nikolayev. The killer received 3 thousand dollars for his job.



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