Stepa Murmansky faints during body search

Stepa Murmansky faints during body search
Stepan Furman

Police tried to see if the thief in law had any prohibited substances on him, but he suddenly "lost consciousness" and "had not come to his senses" until hospitalization.

Criminal Investigation officers reacted to the reports that the thief in law Stepan Furman (aka Stepa Murmansky) was to arrive in St. Petersburg, and came to Repino Village.

According to the criminal investigation, the thief was to meet with other criminal bosses at the country club Casablanca on 9 October. However, the four men did not seem suspicious to the operatives, and Stepan Furman fell on the floor, unconscious, once the officers tried to body-search him.

The 54-year-old thief in law was not responding to any of the measures aimed at bringing him to his senses and lay so until the ambulance came. Furman, who was drunk, told the hospital doctors that he had been taken away from his wife and child and asked to call his wife. However, according to the investigators, Furman and his friends had been drinking alcohol at the restaurant.

Since the thief in law had nothing that was prohibited on him, he was released.

We remind that Stepa Murmansky was thief-crowned in 1994 by the thieves in law Pichuga, Akim Volgogradsky, Badri Kutaissky, and others. The criminal with a number of prior convictions has been living in his home village of Nikel, near Murmansk, since 2014. He was detained by German law enforcers in April 2017, but was soon released.



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