State Duma proposed separate cells for thieves in law

State Duma proposed separate cells for thieves in law
Alexander Khinshteyn

Deputy Alexander Khinshteyn believes the relevant amendments to the legislation are needed.

Alexander Khinshteyn, Deputy Chairperson of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, told about drafting of a package of bills that will regulate the holding of criminal bosses in places of detention and administrative supervision of them after release.

According to Khinshteyn, he began working on the project because of the law signed by President Vladimir Putin on April 1, according to which holding the highest position in the criminal hierarchy is already a grave crime.

The deputy is sure that thieves in law must be kept separately in order to reduce their influence on other convicts, and also to make it harder for them to use their criminal connections for coordinating illegal actions. Khinshteyn argues that today there is already such a practice, although it is employed only in relation to high-risk offenders - hard-core criminals and pattern killers are separated from other prisoners.

At the same time, Khinshteyn believes that there is no need to organize separate jails for thieves in law.

“They are proposed to be kept in the existing cells or stations,” the deputy clarified. “But there may be situations when there are no free cells, except for disciplinary cells, or ward-type rooms.”

The deputy added that it is necessary to release crime bosses under administrative supervision.

Khinshteyn’s bills are planned to be considered at the next meeting of the expert advisory council of the United Russia faction, after which a decision will be made whether to submit them to the State Duma.



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